The justice of this is not at first sight obvious; but it is evident, if the anatomist recollects that the lower arch is not joined to the upper arch by any other than cartilaginous union, during the time in which the pelvis is becoming developed into its perfect shape; a circumstance which will greatly, if not entirely, destroy its influence in modifying the shape acquired by the upper arch. Gout and nineteen other diseases, which are enumerated, are all dependent upon"a peculiar and ill-defined retardation of nutrition that constitutes the arthritic diathesis." The false ideas regarding gout and the hypothetical clinical condition"lithaemia" were so deeply rooted in the minds of physicians that fewer facts and more fancies concerning gout were taught in America in the latter part of the eighteenth century than by Heberden in England a himdred years earlier.

Indeed, the multiplication of parasites introduced into the animal body is an almost invariable feature, and of itself might account for the establishment of The evolution of a tapeworm or other parasite requiring an intermediate host to complete its life-cycle is evidently more complicated, and will not be entered upon now; but if what has been sketched or anything like it, of the manner in which parasitic animal species have been formed, be true, a similar theory will apply to the evolution of parasitic or pathogenic bacteria of which I shall speak later.

From this time he continued to sink, and expired, without a struggle, at five o'clock. Apparently cured until three months ago when he began suffering with frequent and painful Examination showed an intensely reddened bladder, marked ulcerations over the base and trigonal regions with a white deposit covering same. And the heart sounds are direetly under the ear; a further point is that retroversion is a comiuon He records the history of a patient, a woman of thirty-three, married ten year.s, -who never became pregnant until the present instance. Stimulating liniments to the neck are beneficial. The next meeting of the Tennessee Eclectic Medical Association The Fourteenth Volume of Transactions of the National Eclectic Medical Association is in the printer's hands.

Here the practitioner is interested and should be on the alert. Now a tunnel one thousand yards long, a church and vicarage standing upon an old Roman road laid out nearly two thousand near the River Ver. If the nystagmus is very marked, there will be a tendency for the patient to lie upon the side of the quick component. Before retiring he sings" We are marching on," and eats an apple. Newman Smith, is Practical Examination in Medicine, Pathology and Hygiene. Director of Public Safety of that city. Dakin, who has applied in various ways, the properties of chlorine preparations to the disinfection of wounds of war. It is a common saying among wise old ladies that boys are more subject to colic than girls. Evident marks of violent scratching on diflferent parts of the body, especially on the shoulders and loins; various lesions of the skin in the same regions, from a papule up to large furuncles, and an irregular pigmentation of the skin, with some spots of a dark brown. You like to hold him yourself.

The complications reported were, fortunately, only three in number, and consisted in an attack of orchitis. Twice was the hemorrhage arrested by syncope. A first and very strongly marked etiological character of cancer is its preference for particular lines of hereditary succession.

It is not improbable that the same may be shown to be the case with the micrococcus ureae, micrococcus aceti, and others. The patient was subject to febrile attacks, tormented by the development of which was but slightly pronounced in the hypochondria and the lumbar region, presented a considerable prominence at the middle of the hypogastrium.

Camp, Paddock and Wilcox, I made an incision through the abdominal walls from the umbilicus to the pubes, and after dividing some bands of organized lymph, the uterus was exposed. Both patients were associated with uric acid, fibrinous casts, epithelium, and mucus, in the first urine, passed on the third day. We had another case also in this hospital, proving the power of the kine pock, to prevent the small pox. Presumably bills will be introduced into the legislatures of this and other states for sickness insurance, and it is likely that, in some states at least, some form of sickness insurance will be enacted into law. It is not for us, however, to point out the method of accomplishing the object m view, but only to insist upon the importance of that object, bearing in mind that where there is a will there is a way.