Circumscribed infiltrations of the lung were observed, but never well These experiments show the identity of the micrococcus of pneumonia and that found in the filling between the floors, where they must have existed in great numbers. Presently the child had a convulsion. This is, however, as we have come to realize very clearly in recent years, the merest of presumptions, which has been completely upset by the study of original sources in the history of surgery during the of old text books before the Section on The History of Medicine of the New York Academy of Medicine on"What Surgery Owes to the Military Surgeoos of Old All history has been revolutionized during tiie past century by the reversion once more to the original documents.

Neither this nor the groove could be felt on the sound shoulder. An automobile with three or four three-part, two cycle cylinders without any transmission gears, would be a long stride ahead. Indican is a colorless compound resulting from the decomposition of albuminous substances in the small intestine, and by oxidation is converted into indigo. The cause of the attacks of pain and the accompanying pallor, with coldness of the hands and feet, was now apparent. The solubility of the casts in lime-water, originally discovered by Dixon, which strongly suggests the presence within the casts of a large proportion of mucin, led Biermer to recommend the inhalation of atomised lime-water, and a case of its successful employment was reported by Waldenburg; but little has been heard of it since. A third gumma f inch in diameter adherent to the pia and dura, was situated in the be considered again when lesions of this part are studied.

Yet I do mention it to show that it has been taken into account, and was considered of sufficient importance to modify a definite comparison with the opposite organ. In the earlierstages of the paroxysm the bronchial tubes to judge from the character of the signs are dry; the prevailing sounds in the chest being wheezing sibilus and rhonchus. The treatment of membranous croup.


Pia mater of brain slightly congested. .stating that he had obtained no relief from the medical treatment and that he had lost all hope of relief in medicine. A glance at the chart shows the regularity or irregularity of the menses, the exact duration of each period, the intervals between, the character of the hemorrhage, and of all other atypical hemorrhages with their duration, amount and frequency. When the facial muscles are affected, the most grotesque expressions are produced; involvement of the arms may interfere with eating and dressing; when the legs suffer the gait becomes jerking and stumbling; involvement of the larynx causes stammering; and spasm of the muscles of deglutition induces difficult swallowing and choking-spells. After consultation it was decided to operate at once. If the evaporation of steam accompany this process the skin is better prepared for the reception of the drug. Here the bacilli find ready access to the lungs in the air of respiration, and, unless the vital resistance of the economy can be aroused to overcome them, do their work of destruction. There is less infection, less childbed fever and less danger from hemorrhage. Diagnosed and treated by resection should be observed for the development of a second primary tumor, in addition to the recurrence of the original tumor, for the NATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) has named the National Board of Medical immediately, the National Board of Medical Examiners will begin to work with AAMA in the preparation of The American Association of Medical Assistants is a District of Columbia. After this attack the patient suffered much from headache, drowsiness, and pain in the left side of his face and in the left hand. It was ruptured, and there was a large effusion of blood under the pia mater, especially at the posterior part of the base of the brain.

Packard should have brought forward his objections within the body of trusttes, to be discussed there rather than to go forth as his printed circular did; that while there was a desire to meet the best interests of the Association no positive, feasible plan BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL.