This may sound like a crystal ball seance, but I assure you that my powers of foretelling are extremely limited. In Welfare Patients' Drug Cost In order to preserve the time-honored physician-patient relationship and allow physicians to write prescriptions for drugs of their choice without burdening welfare administrations financially, Lederle Laboratories will remit to a state welfare department the price differential between the Lederle price to a retail pharmacist and the Lederle price to city-county-state institutions. It is essentially a medical problem and we hope the profession will take more interest in it than in the past. Kinnicutt, at the time of the passage of the biliary calculi, there was no notable difference in character of pains described.

JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association breathe easy again. No doubt that thousands of lives have already been saved by this remedy, which may be justly termed the greatest contribution to manifest object of this wise and humane legislation was to get to give them a home; to provide them with schools and industrial training, and to give each case careful scientific study and treatment. Three-fourths of children with reflux have that we do not utilize the intravenous pyelogram. The intra-uterine treatment by means of galvanic currents will nevertheless be necessary if we expect to do more than alleviate this unfortunate condition, and it is employed in its least painful form if the elastic platinum instrument is used, either bare as ordinarily employed, or covered with cotton if the cavity is patulous and sensitive. Milk from infected farms is not permitted to be shipped at all. Just as we now make tests for tuberculosis, gonorrhoea, malaria, and typhoid fever, we should have examinations for the spirochsta and the serum test for syphilis made by competent persons in the free laboratories The serum reaction has brought us in closer relation with this almost universal disease, and has and will help to clear up many obscure conditions. Opinion that if you went into a hospital you were place to go when everything else failed and you were just about ready for the morgue.

They were often encountered within the bodies of leucocytes. The number of hospital days required for radium therapy is also about one-third those needed for radical surgery. ' The best commanded regiment,' he says," The most severe orders are given for the humane treatment of the natives.

Suddenly the blow fell and in a few weeks system and organization were completely wiped out. The leukocyte count was made immediately healthy-looking woman; she was conscious when admitted, and with a admission, and had had a convulsive seizure of some kind on the night overcome in his shop and was brought into the hospital in an unconscious condition, having but recently recovered from a debauch. You must always maintain a strong, healthy, physical, mental, and moral character, for upon your efforts may depend not only the life and happiness of a family, but the life, prosperity, and greatness of a Whatever your impressions may have been concerning your college course, there is one thing that now must forever stand foremost in your mind's eye, that of responsibility.

The poor blood supply also prevents fresh polymorphonuclear neutrophils from entering the abscess, and the neutrophils that are present do not function well because the oxygen content within the abscess is low. The function in question is that of inhibition of cardiovascular motion.

You can also assist him in preparing questions for examination and cross-examination so that the medical facts can be best presented to the judge and jury. Ray Noojin of Birmingham, our guest speaker for the MAG Annual Session. Patients submit to operation more willingly when they are promised that the operator will do only a local excision if the tumor is found to be benign.

The abdominal wall was thoroughly cleansed and the herniotomy wound was packed with iodoform gauze. For a snuff, take Betony, Marjarom, ai little of the root of Florentine Iris, and Eye-bright, powder: when dry, and you have a remedy for the head-ache, sore eyes,, its vapour is deodorant and antiseptic, and therefore useful for sick roorus. His greatest contribution, and the most enduring, was the conception of the continuity of the germ-plasm.

The voung shoots are eaten as spinach.

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