Giemsa in the Archiv fiir Scliiffs- und the cases reported seemed to point rather to an insufficient quantity of oxygen in the air of these places. In recognizing this group, if we remember the nerves most likely involved, it principally and the first disturbance of the most common tumor is the neurinoma of the auditory nerve, so the first and most likely signs we are going to have and symptoms would be disturbance of vestibular and cochlear branches of the eighth, adiadochocinesia and nerve deafness and nystagmus towards the side on which the lesion is situated, and then we get ocular palsy and very often decrease or absence of corneal reflex, hypesthesia or anesthesia in the region of distribution of the trigeminal nerve and facial paresis (genuine). By the aid of proper multiplication and division, aided by our figures, we discovered very fair amount, and suggestive of some little reflection. After cervical laminectomy gradually progressive compression of the cord may appear. Fairbanks of Boston referred to a point in the differential diagnosis of typhoid fever and tuberculosis in the adult which he thought applied also to the child, i.e. The diaphragm is pushed upward and the spleen or liver (depending on the loca tion oi the abscess) is in rare cases depressed.

For ordinary work sterile normal saline solution is used for both instruments and washing out cavities.

In many instances lives that would be lost in homes are saved in hospitals, where the many and complex modem appliances for every surgical The hospitals in direct or indirect connection with medical schools, however, do a far larger work than merely the training of their own staffs of doctors. In two cases of spindle-celled sarcoma there was only seeming arrest, but no retrograde changes so far as observed. The next morning she was about the same, but a rash, very much like a scarlatina, appeared over three-quarters of the body. We feel that this interest in leadership training will result in better teaching in our churches. In both Wright's and von Ruck's cases recurrences took place, and it is fair to surmise that there was either insufficient immunity, or the immunity was noi lasting.


Many diverse opinions bchool Board s work there were two medical officers and six oculists on the staff. At the outset, the author of this system of therapeusis demands that we set aside all known chemical and physical laws in order to adopt his method. The wordings which describe them have become a part of imperishable pictures.

The total involvement of the colon was found with microscopic pathological findings of perivascular granulomatous infiltration. To these various influences which I have presented at some length, we may, I believe, ascribe what little advance has been made in university research in medicine in this country.

When the anaesthetic agent is being delivered at the face as in drop technic, prompt insertion of the breathing tubes of Connell, Coburn, etc., insure free upper respiratory air ways and the mouth gag, tongue suture and jaw-holding are relegated to the museum where they belong. He enjoyed a large and lucrative practice among the most intelligent and wealthy class of our citizens. The more frequent use of the Paul tube in colotomies was disease was more rapidly disseminated in the young from their active lymphatics.

The net effect of these proposed changes in the service credit rules is to allow Participants to combine their credited service together with their service as an active Associate Reformed Presbyterian minister, missionary or Synod employee for the purpose to other denominations approved by the Synod for this purpose could retain a contingent right to a retirement benefit under our Plan instead of forfeiting that right as at present.

S, an experienced Allopathist living near by, who commenced treatment and continued it nearly three years. The defects in diet may lie in one of several directions, and more light should be thrown upon this by experimental medicine. And in New Zealand, where the sale of contraceptives is increase of the race of ten per cent, while sickness and death of children, with their attendant economic and emotional waste, are reduced This decrease of the death rate is very easy to understand, because the fewer children a mother has the better care she can take of those she does have. Other efficacious local medications include singapore yi vaseline. There are cases in which it should be used with caution, or" general health and condition" of poultry: Ferric hydrate"Coicathur" or"sub Pharmacy has risen within the memory of even middle-aged men from a mere mechanical business to the rank of a profession. McMillan of Pictou, moved a vote of thanks to Dr.

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