The disease proceeds through its course, in the same manner, and The fact, that deaths do occasionally occur from variola inserta or" inoculated small-pox," and that it is as communicable as the natural. The pneumonia after injuries often attacked large portions of the lung simultaneously, therein diflering from the circumscribed inflammation caused by an embolus. Presented an aorta more or less profoundly altered.

Ethnology is fairly a collateral science with medicine, and we therefore offer no apology for our present observations. The lobules were composed of alveoli filled with cells. Finding it necessary, three months after, to treat the patient again for the same trouble, he administered two drachms of the essential oil of felix mas, followed the next day by two ounces of castor-oil. Extreme deviation to the right caused increase in rapidity and constancy of the horizontal nystagmus in Case III, while in the same child, looking downward had a similar effect on the vertical eye-movement. The topical application of electricity stimulates the capillary circulation through the integument, and overcomes any engorgement that may exist. The first was removed last January, from a patient upon whom ovariotomy had been performed, in the previous May, by another surgeon. I often, however, use a reflector and ordinary daylight for an inspection of the pharynx, and in some respects it has its advantages over a direct illumination. This effect being constriction even to the extent of complete obstruction in some cases. The boy was seen two hours after having been the bullet striking first a stone wall, from which it glanced and wounded the boy in his right shoulder, passing from behind forward, immediately beneath the clavicle, and, strange to say, doing no damage to any of the important structures in that locality.

The contagion of secondary syphilitic accidents, demonstrated by numerous clinical observations, is now admitted by most writers on syphilis.

In the few hours that were left before dark, Colonel Btatt started the ball rolling. She had brought herself into discredit, and evidently wanted to shield herself at the expense of her Medical friend. Its main characteristics are brevity, yet fulness and clearness. AVhen called in consultation with him I fully agreed in the diagnosis of pseudo-membranous croup. In the latter case the condition persisted for five weeks, but in the former it is permanent in the right arm and shoulder and in the left shoulder and upper AN EPIDEMIC OF PARALYSIS IN CHILDREN.

Call Frank occupancy with a move in allowance approximately one mile from Valley Lutheran Hospital. But undoubtedly the greatest benefit of all will be the prestige that your connection with such a journal will give you and your institution wherever it In short, there is no end to the usefulness to which doctors may and do put their journals.

In every form of scurvy, the hemorrhagic tendency is marked;.and this, according to the recent researches of M.


They had no thought except to get to that beach. It has been affirmed by Messrs. She was a remarkable woman, and had been wife to de Canizares, sent a parcel of powdered quinquina bark to her Physician, Juan de Vego, who administered it, and bringing a quantity of the bark with her. He used for this purpose one very large element of Grove. SINCE the dawn of written history, and from the most remote periods, the serpent has been regarded with the highest veneration as the most mysterious of living creatures.

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