Whittier Section B Diseases of the Intestines and Peritoneum. Ilfaturally they would like to secure a better market for their own stock, and equally naturally they magnify possible danger of importing disease from this country. A piece of lint with boric ointment is used as a dressing; the bowels are held in check by opium, liquid food only being allowed. Highly malignant glioblastomas are rate in childhood. The latter are not always the point of origin; neoplasms arising from the neighboring parts often extend to the membranes, involve them in a secondary way, and then produce effects like those of primary meningeal tumors.

Choking occurred on swallowing fluids, and there was regurgitation through the nose due to paralysis of the soft palate, which the iutercostals contracted and the diaphragm ascended with a jerk, were noted as occurring occasionally when the patient was spoken to.

The last few years have materially advanced and deepened our knowledge of tabes, although we are doubtless still far from having arrived at a final conclusion of the same. Correspondenzblatt der Aerztekammer und der Aerztevereine der Provinz Brandenburg und des Stadtkreises Berlin.

Stevenson considerably more publicity than he probably desires.

Many of them were three-year-old steers, but none of them but have so far recovered as to begin to lay on flesh again. Inch) long and broad, which divides into two long cylindrical horns, at the apex.

Long came from the last General Assembly an appropriation of ground upon which to locate the hospital, and a maintenance fund for the Hospital and School of Medicine. The Association should pay its own bills, and its representatives should have full charge and relieve the local medical profession of obligations which now are a little too burdensome.


"' The loss of a day,' says Seaton in his Hand-book of Vaccination,'may be the loss of a life.' Hence the necessity for using virus which will act promptly, and not remain latent three, five or any other number of days. We are reasonably sure, patients, all of whom liave been followed and traced. President and Alemhers of the Indiana State Medical Association: We, the undersigned Committee on Tuberculosis beg leave to submit the following report as we view the situation on tuberculosis in Indiana.

In that region the anterior and posterior longitudinal veins of the same side approach one another, and finally unite to form a large plexus in the lateral angle of the canal, which plexus is perforated by narrow openings through which the nerve roots pass. There is great difference in the treatment of uterine inertia. Hence the alveoli connecting with these closed bronchioles become less and less distended with air, undergoing partial collapse, and some of them pass into a state of complete atelectasis. Hence the failure of the conjunctival test in the clinically healthy and its uniform occurrence in the clinically tuberculous (barring the very advanced My own experience bears out that of these observers.