It is a condition which seems to obtain more frequently and in more alarming proportions from the use of cocaine than from any other drug in The well-known fact that those who are susceptible to the effects of cocaine are not similarly affected from the administration of other drugs w-ould seem to indicate that cocaine-idiosyncrasy individual thus affected. No murmur over abdominal aorta; no dift'erences in femoral pulses; no ascites. Voisin's patient a curious deformity of the skull ensued, especially marked The bones of the pelvis in osteomyelitis are described in all textbooks on obstetrics, hence little need be said, other than that the promontory encroaches upon the pelvic cavity, while the pubic branches become parallel to each other, forming the classic The two iliac bones soften and offer multiple deformities.

Full partnership in the most up-to-date methods as Medical Assistants (AMA accredited) and Medical Physicians and Surgeons Liability Insurance In accepting advertising for publication, THE JOURNAL has exercised reasonable precaution to insure that only reputable factual advertisements are included. Tuberculosis of the spine is said to follow this injury more commonly than any" Fracture-luxation rarely causes dilliculty, since the picture is usually unmistakable, and immediate onset of paralj'sis below, plus the irregularity of the spine itself, is sufficient to disclose the nature of the case at a glance.

Why should this be? We can only surmise that the specific cause of this morbid emotion is something for which cicutine is a remedy.

To-day there is at hand much technical knowledge and much recorded experience which will be useful to any one who will take the trouble to learn it, but to master this technic and to become acquainted with the experiences of others, while enriching one's own experience, will require all the time that The rontgenologist is in a peculiar position. Manufacturer, Importer, and Exporter of APPARATUS FOR ITS THERAPEUTIC ADMINISTRATION At the solicitation of a number of medical practitioners interested in oxygen treatment, we have Revised apparatus for the therapeutic administration of this gas both by inhalation and by enema. Bleeding being controlled with alcohol, the acetanilide powder was then blown into the canal so as to cover its entire floor with a fine film, extending on the membrana tympani to the lower portion of the perforation. They may learn new uses for twisted hands, discover a latent talent, or even enjoy a reprieve from television which, too often, is the center of are represented among the campers. Also, Partners, Assistants, and Substitutes furnished.

Perforating ulcers of the Muscle, the cardiac, from a clinical point of the mucosa of the large and small intestine, with haemorrhage into the Neoplasms, vascular, treatment of, by the Nephritis in small-pox, study of, based upon an analysis of urine in one Nerve, facial, paralysis of the, following Nerves, peripheral, surgical relations of Neurasthenia and anaemia, injections of optic, influence of age on the incidence Neustaedter, M.

In this way we really affect the most important muscles of the trunk. No cases observed got entirely well," and only one death occurred, but this case is not included in those reported. At the same time it will be found, as a rule, that the child presents a degree of pallor, and a loss of flesh and strength rjuite out of proportion to the apparently mild character of the disease.

At the talkenstein sure that this cannot be equalled in private practice, even when aided by the specially favorable But, says one, the experiment which you propose would be, if carried out, an expensive one. Serve on the Impaired Physician Loan Fund Board.

Absolute rest in bed and the application of an ice coil or a large ice bag applied on the lower abdomen should be resorted to:

For it obviously is not half as liable to air infection as the turbinated bodies, or to food infection as the mouth or the stomach, being merely brushed by the food in its passage from one to the other, and yet it is at least five times as frequently the site of attack as either. This latter fact has been demonstrated by independent investigators. This Association does not officially endorse opinions presented in different papers published herein. If I were to venture an opinion not based upon actual figures but upon experience in the operating room upon a large nimiber of colored women, I would say it was principally due to gonorrhoea.

On this account he would exclude As regards the treatment itself, he said that it was foolish to operate on a child in collapse; it should first be stimulated until reaction had set in. Next we ask ourselves, Can these forms of defectiveness (meaning now the grosser defectiveness) be induced by some cause acting after birth? Mental as well as physical impairment certainly can be induced by head-injuries and severe diseases, but such defects are usually of rather diff"erent type. On the other hand, when several children of the same familyare fed in about the same way and only one develops osteomalacia one may conclude that feeding has a large share in the eclosion and evolution of the disease but that association of other etiological and pathological conditions is absolutely necessary. In the course of a few days the arm became lower extremity gradually improved, while those in the upper grew progp'essively worse.

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