" The states of idiocy and insanity, therefore, are clearly distinguished in the more complete examples of both; but many instances occur in which they pass into each other, and where it is difficult to say to which of the affections the case is to be refen-ed.

In the event of the urine being Infected. As public servants, we give acknowledgement for the protection afforded in the development of our professional life. The principal part was played by the atrophy; functional disturbance runs parallel with this.

A clinically mild hyperthyroidism, for instance, might show a markedly reduced sugar tolerance, whereas some of the severest erfahrungen cases gave only a slightly lowered tolerance. When very thick, it is uncomfortable from its warmth; but we have never known it to be a cause of weakness, except from the perspiration which a large mass of hair must occasion. It was a slow and mild typhus; but its safety was in no proportion to its mildness.

An astringent substance obtained from an African plant. Mott found that many of them had disappeared. We believe the least recognized danger from the use of the X-rays in these conditions lies in the possibility of producing atrophy or disfiguring and persistent telangiectases. At this time he began to feed himself again, by using the left hand after the elbow had been rested on the THE CINCINNATI LANCCT AND CLtOTC. Unless the fourth cervical segment has been involved, the diaphragm Avill continue to act. As the disease continues they increase, and pus is seen to invade, in turn, the peritoneum, the veins, the uterine lymphatics, the ovaries, the pleurae, the character of which is the existence of pus in this or that part of the This definition is not exact, for in subacute cases the disease can be developed, pass through its phases, and reach a fatal termination without the least lesion being detected at the autopsy. We are to endeavour to bring them back by opiates, or tonics; varying our plan according to circumstances, and using means more especially about the time when we may expect the efforts of nature to cooperate with our endeavours. Or parts weakened, if they are within our reach. The literature upon this subject is not abundant.

The pus may escape by ulceration and perforation of tlui parietes, leaving a fistula or perforation of lung and leaving a bronchial fistula; or it viseus, and escape by stools.

He had not anticipated this action.

There may also be occurrence of stitch-like pain in upper parts of chest, behind clavicle or scapula. As a control, therefore, a "gutschein" test with a pure lipoid antigen was made in each case.

The radiograph of the two pieces showed that the water in the moist specimen cast a shadow many times as dense as that cast by the We then made radiographs of some heads of cadavers before and after filling parts of the sinus cavities with water or with pieces of moist mucous membrane introduced through trephine openings.

The large question of dispensary abuse would undoubtedly have to consider the abuse of patients in dispensaries because of lack of time, inadequate facilities, and monotony of The most important group includes the general practitioner who is in no wise associated with a hospital or dispensary system. When a leptomeningitis is secondary to adjacent disease, as, for example, otitis media, the process may remain for a time confined to the corresponding hemisphere, but in the great majority of cases of acute leptomeningitis, whatever the cause, the infection soon becomes general. Many thanks to all that it gives you something to celebrate.