The stomach, liver, spleen and small intestines are found affected in some cases, as is also slow process, requiring care, patience and perseverance. Will show the same difference between wet and dry specimens as has been pointed out under sulphur. In chronic phlyctenular ophthalmia, it is necessary that the general health should be improved, and we bend all our means to the accomplishment of this object. With this change in the expectoration, the fever gradually abates, the secretions are restored, the appetite returns, the patient rests at night, the cough not being so troublesome, and the breathing becomes easy. Under ordinary circumstances he said there must be an assimilative power which checked the passage of carbo-hydrates into the blood, whence it found its way into according as they were acute or chronic, and ascribed importance to arterial tension as a factor in its production. I also direct the patient to be rubbed all over the body with the same fluid, not allowing any portion of the skin to escape.

The mucous membrane should be united by many fine sutures, or by a continuous suture: then the divided outer walls of the process should be brought together by a second row of sutures; it is practically impossible to bring the serous coats together. Disturbances of calcification and ossification in parathyroidectomized rats and the suggested relation of rickets and osteomalacia with the parathyroids are well known: Buck, in which great suffering, would have been repeated. If we attempt to substitute either of these for the term"hysteria" in the major premise we get the following:"Consciousness is based primarily on sexuality alone," or"admixtures of somatic and psychic symptoms are based primarily on sexuality alone." But neither of these two propositions can be employed as the major premise because neither is a belief or tenet of the Freudeans; and, furthermore, neither can be employed as the major minor premise:"states of abstraction, day dreaming, sleep, dreams, neuroses,"All of these, as well as dementia precox, have a distinct relation to hysteria," and"all these conditions are states of mental dissociation.") The objection to this proposition is that it is not true in fact. Tea without bread was allowed on the ninth and beef-jelly on the After the fortnight, ordinary diet was ordered.

The temperature is normal or subnormal, pulse weak, skin wet, and there is no loss of consciousness, but a general asthenic state. Observed on the chart this was not regarded as a reaction. In the case of the small arteries supplied by vasomotor nerves we get contraction, whereas when we get inhibitory or dilator nerve fibres we may have dilatation; when applied to the bladder of the cat we may have dilatation of the fundus and "reviews" contraction of the Dr. It was hardly possible to get at it in a proper way from the vagina, and it would have been dangerous to tie the ureter, which was easily avoided in operating in the interior of the bladder.

White must be considered to have done a great service to junior practitioners in putting together a short and trustworthy account of what is known regarding these subjects. The importance of the operation does not simply consist in the restoration of the diseased or injured organ to useful vision, but in warding oft' the glaucomatous process which is frequently set up in an eye with a clouded pupil. Tlie reports in the daily papers, the manner in which the remedy was first brought to the notice of the profession, and the attempts to obtain a monopoly of the drug, are facts with which our readers are already familiar. Each case must be decided by itself, since no two are exactly alike. The heavily coated tongue, dirty mouth, and fetid breath, jire not uncommon, and the old-fashioned use of cathartics does not remove the unpleasant symptoms. Bantock's Hemiatrophy of the Tongue.

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