If the C'oUege of Surgeons has done no more than to admit such persons as Members after examination, without inquiring very minutely into their early Professional studies, I conceive that they have not acted contrary to the spirit of the Medical Act, nor to the mtentions of those by whom it Strong opposition has been made to the Poor-law Medical Relief Bill, and Mr.

In the November Review of Reviews, there are two comprehensive illustrated articles on the campain methods of the Republican and Democratic national committees, respectively.

Private Practitioner," brought forth food for thought.

The swelling is soft to the touch, but somewhat elastic, and the skin covering it is not discolored. And that he had a right to the title of Doctor of Medicine, he as a Medical Practitioner. Let us take every opportunity to correct the wrong impressions that so generally exist concerning sexual and other physiologic questions. The strength of the dynamic associations of the nerve elements which are precedent to all co-ordinated organic reactions and the vigor of the reactions themselves As observed before, the feelings, having their sources in the vegetative life, everywhere underlie intellectual and volitional activity. Any sluggish condition of the blood occasioned by disease or faulty nutrition may induce this collecton in various parts of the body. He then proceeds to show that in certain diseases, especially catalepsy, an attraction subsists between the hand and a magnet. Clean the foot and put it into a bran poultice for several days, then remove any horn that may be pressing on the sore part. The bandage should be two or two and a half inches wide and made of firm but coarse material, with open meshes. If you really love your race you will order this class of drugs with circumspection and honest fear. Her menses were normal, and came on without distress or inconvenience.

Leave the external ring just large enough to allow the cord to slip through easily.

Now remove the greater part of the accumulated material; this done, the rumen, the muscles and the skin are each in turn stitched, the wound of ginger, tincture of gentian and tincture of iron. The discharge ceased almost entirely at night, or during any long-continued repose during the day, but was greatly aggravated when walking much, or after standing, or any unusual exertion. This disease was observed principally among those who had attended school for over Those afflicted did not have the acuity of vision that existed among those without Optic disks full, and the absence of physiological cups was striking: only in a very few cases, among the Creeks, were they to be seen. I first operated in this manner on his right hand, by drawing a powerful horse-shoe magnet over the hand, without contact, whilst the armature was attached. With the right eye he could see to read ordinary type with ease, but with the left to detect any cause for the symptoms.

Most of the remedies given to heal the ucler are theoretically as well as practically defective. The new canal is prepared and plugged with iodo and is then lined either by several single flaps which are kept in position by a tampon, or a lining is formed by sewing a number of flaps together round a Cusco speculum, and introduced with its wounded surface external into the granulating canal, and fixed by a the vagus in the neck arrests the flow of urine. The breast and the glands were excised patient died six months after the operation, at her own home, from whose breast a tumour, supposed to have been of an innocent nature, was removed two years before. Of the body of the work it is difficult to speak without seeming to praise too much. It appears to resemble in its action, more of"' narcotic poisons." It does not seem to possess any hypnotic properties; in this it differs from most of the substances included under this head.

Warren; and holds in grateful recollection the successful exertions made by him, for a period of more than forty years, and in continuance of those of his honoured father, to raise the cha racter, and promote the interests of the medical school. Bajinsky, of the Children's Hospital for Infectious never had such a low mortality with our mildest epidemics and our best treatment." Dr.

Therefore it is a matter of great importance that the parts should be kept in a condition to allow the accumulating secretions a free mode of exit. The mass consisted of two portions; first, the central more solid and dense, and second, the villous growths springing from the surface. They were several days on the way. In some cases there is scarcely any cough, while in others this may be the most distressing symptom.

Only a few weeks ago we noticed the fact that a wellknown Physician was busy informing his countrymen that they should treat typhoid fever with aliments, that even soup and wine might be safely administered to the patient; and hereon a French Journalist claimed for France the merit of having discovered this grand idea, which has been in everyday use with us for the fourth of a century at least. Prichard also well observes, that the smallness of the statistics of any one Asylum ought not to deter theu' superintendents from issuing Reports, because it is clear that it is only from the aggregate of such Reports that any satisfactory conclusions can be obtained concerning the statistics of Lunacy among the upper and middle classes of society.

This pain had persisted for a number of months, and various things had been used to relieve it without effect. Tinctorially, they are similar to the tubercle bacillus, but the appearance of the cultures and the pathogenic manifestations differ materially.

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