The tendo achillis was a mere ribbon and was not shortened. Will we'heed''theirs'words' tOhile call attention to three points which appear to It does seem contradictory to say that a allow thousands of such youths to come to Then, in computing the staggering amounts lost by sickness interfering with production, the patent fact that, as it is, we produce more than we can consume or sell to advantage, appears to be ignored.

Virulent infection almost always accompanies cancer of the cervix. (In this case I did not feel able to decide whether the alcohol or the chloral, or a combination of the two, had brought about the death. In its spiral tract round the humerus it is very often affected by fractures of this bone or surrounded It descends into the muscular interspace separating the supinator longus from the biceps, right to the line of the crease of the elbow. It was negative for bile, strongly positive for occult blood and contained urobilinogen; but no casts, pus cells, crystals nor blood cells. Because the fundamental object of national pensions has been to compensate a man for a loss in effectiveness and capability due to active service, it has been a natural deduction that the amount of the pension should be based on the actual reduction in earning power; and that where an injured man has been able to return to employment in which he earns as much or more than he did before the injury, no prejudice to effectiveness has ensued, and no pension, therefore, should be paid:

Goodell's eighth case will be found in my essay, and is one of the eight cases of four-legged ischiopagous children therein" The non-symmetrical forms of ischiopagus are divided into specific groups according to the development of the pelvic extremities. Its higher success is the dream of their lives; they gase into a hopefdl fatare, and are filled with glowing and bright pictures of the era when this science shall be" Aboye the reach of saorilegioaa hands, Whose honors with increase of ages grow, As streams roll down, enlarging as they flow." Another important fact is well established bj the perusal of this history, viz: that Medicine has neyer flourished and been cultivated in the highest degree in any country where it has had no legal recognition. Three times I have seen death ensuing with protracted asphyxia; seven pregnant (collapse). We are I'vins in a mechanical age. Says Rosenau,"The cure of carriers is one of the pressing problems of preventive medicine, but one hopeful feature is that their number may be diminished by isolating the cases. Cremation and its Importance There is a difference of opinion in almost every movement, and while the thoughtful sanitarian will with venting the spread of contagious diseases, and as having many other advantages over burial in the earth. Yet in the face of it all, the anatomical findings of the cortex-map call for specially borders on a strip of intermediate cortex beyond which the third frontal shows a remarkable spur extending not merely as Broca's area, but with even greater emphasis of medullation to the posterior margin of the orbital cortex. He was simply regarded as a member of the same general organization. Agnes' unable to give an account of the accident, but a fellow workman reported that he had fallen a distance of about twenty feet, from a scaffold upon which he had been working. He was accordingly taken to the office of a dentist who makes a specialty of exodontry and roentgenologic work. Eidd preferred administering ether Bod chloroform separately.

I am wondering if the follow-up work will not more ar.d more result in dental clinics in which the teeth of the smaller children are treated.

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