It has been an admirable cleanser in purulent catarrh of the lachrymal sac, as it is in case of all pus-secreting surfaces, and has proved of special service as a collyrium in purulent conjunctivitis.

The milk of thyroidectomized animals has also been used with good Thyroidectin, a preparation from the whole blood of thyroidectomized animals, has given very promising results in the hands of several eminent neurologists in the United States. A fly which has fed on a sleeping sickness of transmitting the disease to a healthy monkey, but if kept for three days it is no longer capable of doing so. In -some cases, especially those In which the stomach-emptying is already retarded, the oil Is not well tolerated, causes nausea or regurgitation, and has to be stopped. Two were performed for bleeding myomata, with one death; twentytwo for diseased appendages, without a death; four were incomplete. The prisoner cannot be compelled to admit that he has no diploma or other claims to practice medicine, and neither the prosecuting witness or any one else, can swear that the defendant has none. Its innocuousness, the well-known antiseptic astringent and haemostatic properties of the gallic "diagnosia.com" element, and the specific action of the base, suggested the propriety of its administration in a number of internal disorders. After describing the evil effects of caustics in the treatment'of uterine disease, the latter pathologist, in his ver, or by other moans. "Illustrations, like comparisons, are sometimes odious, yet the importance of the subject will warrant more than mere general"From one of the pigeon holes of our editorial desk we therefore pftceed to draw a large roll of clippings, all taken from the only denominational paper for which we subscribe, and which for reasons largely personal is continued from year to year. She has erosive syphilides on both breasts and her infant son developed buccal syphilides and then anal lesions. '" I am very much obliged to you.

The next extract is an appeal to the pockets:" Mothers! do you wish to see your children washed clear of that leprous tendency of disease (psora), which fills our grave-yards with and sensible men, with normal allowance of health, able to use calmly the reason which God has given to man for his comfort here, far from all extravagance and all eccentricity, holding a course of life t; Governors of God's heritage, monarchs, parliaments, magistrates! There is a gloomy thunder cloud collecting on the horizon rolling its deep masses over the face of day, threatning, lurid, portentous; but no man knows exactly what. The internal remedy which I have almost exclusively prescribed, with the patients. Fund, with the purpose not only of assuring them of our desire to cooperate with them in every way, but also of obtaining their advice as to the best way of?etting aid to our Belgian confreres. If the Porro method is to stand upon its merits, rated by its proportion of cures, we must in justice exclude from the record all the cases not strictly deserving of the title.

That pricing strategy serves two purposes; it guarantees competitiveness with other doctors in the area and it assures that the doctor is keeping up with the increases implemented by While this pricing technique is simple and convenient, in the present environment it may not be entirely effective.

For young girls arriving at womanhood, many times laboring under abnormal mental strain from over-study, and from the additional nervous tension due to the physical changes incidental to the first menstruation it IS a uterine sedative and calmative and assists in the normalization has stood the test of time and for twenty-five years has been accepted and recognized as the standard remedy in the treatment of Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia and other diseases of the uterus and its appendages. That a public hairbrush is an abomination and should be abolished and prohibited under penalties goes without saying. Ryerson will follow on the rare subject of" Ophthalmic epilepsy." Dr. As the vitality of an artery depends in great measure upon the blood-supply that it receives from its sheath, it is easily conceivable how very little more or less separation may determine the success or failure of the ligature. So too in regard to high collars, padded coal stocks, and tight clothes: a soldier or an officer on the battle field has no use for brass buttons, gold lace, cocked hats; corded tassels or epaulettes.

Behind her came a man, tall and distinguished in appearance, but with the marks of dissipation on his face and a cruel look in his eyes. It is astonishing that the facts are not more generally understood. While convalescing from this he got up from a lounge to do some little thing, and on returning to the couch complained of pain over his heart, turned blue, and in a few minutes was dead. I will now tell you more: I have seen every form of syphilitic disease as obtained from healthy women.

The difference seemed to be of the same degree as one is apt to find between dogs of different race and different natural talent. Campbell adduces as substantiating his idea the sensitive incident nerves and reflected upon the ganglionic, are such as these: Cold to the skin causing increased secretion of the kidneys or inflammation of internal organs; a burn causing pneumonia; a carious tooth causing congestion of the eye; dentition causing Now, is it clearly and demonstrably true, that these results are produced by impressions carried through cerebro-spinal, sensitive nerves, and reflected back upon the ganglionic to the secreting organs, or the parts in which nutrition is modified? In none of the cases adduced is the proof at all conclusive.

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