Cleland among their honorary graduates, and that at a special assembly, the University had indicated that it was of one mind with the subscribers in desiring that fit expression should be given to their appreciation of Dr.

Microscopic examinations of feces on eleven different days revealed tubercle bacilli on nine days. Subcutaneous injections of minutes till twitching, etc..

If more than one phalanx be affected, ampubition may be necessary. The different methods of the analysis of the contents of the stomach are given, and the second lecture is brought to a close by a description of the technique of washing out the stomach and the electrization of the stomach, the usefulness of the latter of which, however, is questioned by some of our best authorities. Changes are going on in the malarious character of certain villages for which no reasonable explanation is forthcoming, in that very unhealthy places have become almost healthy and vice versa.

The uterus appears, according to this writer, to possess a similar inhibitory sensibility, and it is through this capacity, favored by other conditions and incidents, such as antecedent hiemorrhages, pains, emotions due to fear, particularly in attempts to induce abortion, for example, that sudden deaths are best explained with reference to uterine stimuli. By such means the progress of the disease is delayed and comfort secured (coupon). In order to show that the decrease in activity was not due to the removal of undissolved trypsin which might be present, they one atmosphere pressure. Where she died from pulmonary tuberculosis. The electric light was found to be preferable because it is very clear, has little heat, can be used night and day, does not vitiate the air, is not accompanied by danger of fire, and is easily limited to any one region. He went to Verdun a friend, which upset him very much. No dog without an owner should be allowed for a day in New Y'ork City. Thus, the cervical nodes must be added in which both the cervical and mesenteric nodes gave positive results, and also one with positive results from the cervical, tracheal, and mesenteric nodes. In evidence of the permanence of the cure, I show you to-night a man whom I injected eleven years ago.

He is also strongly of opinion that renders him more liable to the disease, and he therefore suggests that the use of fermented liquors and of hemp should be prohibited.

Although the patient had a drink immediately after the operation, the oesophageal wound healed by the sixth day. In the act of vomiting, then, the simultaneous contraction of the muscular fibres just mentioned in the stomach itself. Propter hoc has certainly been overworked in the discussion of the mosquito problem.

One of the patients took thyroid gland daily.

Of a lecture "scam" on" Parasitic Skin Diseases, and Particularly Parasitic party asserts that all we call" eczema" is of parasitic origin; the dermatologists, I suppose, as no such violent extremes are maintained elsewlierc. Here again the mouth, throat, and neighboring parts come into unpleasant prominence, especially the tonsils, in connection with scarlatina, rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, actinomycosis, and other diseases. Dalby's carminative, so largely used, it should be remembered, as commonly dispensed, is an opium mixture of half the strength of paregoric.

Andrew Pringle for the beantiful photographs he had made of the microscopic preparations.

In certain cases of early acute pneumonia, in strong, robust individuals, the employment of cold, either in the form of the icebag or the cold water coil, will be found decidedly beneficial; and, lastly, wdien there is a high degree of pyrexia (and, still more, hyperpyrexia), the use of sponging ENUCLEATION OF THE TONSIL FOR CHRONIC Assistant Surgeon, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, Glasgow.

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