Excellent facilities WANTED: PHYSICIAN FOR ASSOCIATION WITH staff group for hospital service in cardiopulmonary disease. The wound in front was separated from the one behind by about half an inch of skin. WASTING OR ATROPHY OF THE HEART. Horses are rendered more liable to lock-jaw by low condition, cold weather, starvation, and when the cause is found under fi) above, the effects may not come on, approaches, as if hungry; appetite usually with the lips; champing of jaws; grinding or so nearly so that the horse can not feed; free discharge of saliva; any excitement causing twitching of the muscles of the neck and faCe; perhaps Mode of Feeding in Chhonic Lock -Jaw.

The source of infection is found almost exclusively in the sputum of tuberculous patients, and is dangerous because of careless methods of dealing with the sputum by the consumptive. In other instances a child may live for one or two jfays, and the volume of the organs be but little altered. In the case of women and girls, after the hair has once been allowed to grow it is better not to cut it, if it is desirable to let it grow long. It is very difficult to deal with the unlicensed midwives in a legal way, because no penalty attaches unless it can be shown that thev receive a fee for their services, and this has been difficult to demonstrate in the past to the satisfaction of a court. His right, then, to be considered insane in any sense of the word is questionable; and the vagueness introduced into the subject by comprehending him in tint expression, is imputable to that loosening of the definite sense of words, which I am endeavouring to prevent.


Some of these remedies will often be found helpful, though the rapid progress of the scourge does not often admit of successful treatment of the first that are attacked in a herd. Relief will often be afforded by injections of warm water; also by applving to the belly pieces of flannel wrung out in hot water. The development of this friction-sound seemed to prove cerebral symptoms were in great measure sympathetic of inflammation of some of the tissues of the heart. RUTTUEES AND WOUNDS OF THE INTESTINES. De Schweinitz summarized the factors which justified a diagnosis of gastrointestinal autointoxication. The appearances in the brain were quite sufficient to account for death; but he could not undertake to say that the injury by the stone had in any way produced these appearances. We cannot refrain, however, from expressing our astonishment at the low of the editorial position. The average, however, of English horses, has possessed a fair proportion of the English principle. That a breathing child can thus swallow meconium cannot be disputed, but, assuming that in the body of a child which has not lived to breathe this substance is found in the airpassages and stomach, how is the conclusion affected? In the following case Dr. The clearing away of the timber in the fly belt had been efficacious,. AVhen lately taken in from grass, liowever, a littlo long hair will appear on the back sinews, and on the fetlock-joints, which may bo taken off, by using a small quantity of powdered resin, say as much as may be taken up between tlie finger and thumb; and this will remove it with as much ease to the horse, as facility to the person trimming. It has been said that short-necked horses are better winded than others, because the air has less distance to pass to and from the lungs; but it is an opinion to which little deference straight along its lower margin. It is a, well known and publicly recognized fact that anyone on a daily diet of beefsteak, changing to fish or fowl or even mutton, fiequently experiences a digestive revolt which is popularly attributed to a poisonous quality peculiar to the particular article, or to a permanent idiosyncrasy of the consumer. The sigmoid flexure of the colon and the rectum were thickened, but not absolutely iu an inflamed state. They disappear in certain states of disease, testicles of crypsorchides. According to Devergie, when a child dies in utero, putrefaction takes place as rapidly as in of uterine putrefaction, the body of the child is so flaccid, that when placed on a table it becomes almost flattened by the mere gravitation of its parts. Marked changes are exhibited in the appearance of the drum-head, but such symptoms can be noted only by an examination of the ear with the proper instruments. It is impossible to standardize such a vaccine except in a very rough way, because the filaments composing the colonies are not evenly broken up. Since a sprain will impair or destroy the use of the parts, the muscles about such parts will waste more or less, such a condition being known by the general term" sweeny," though it is popularly applied quite exclusively to such a condition about the shoulders.

When this monarch of the stream is hooked, nothing can be more exciting; and the enthusiast, after an hour of terrible anxiety and skill, who lands him fairly upon the bank, we verily believe would feel less glory in having a Roman triumph voted to him, than in surveying the fair and silver side of his beautiful captive, now stretched at length upon the green grass.

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