The following facts regarding the recreation facilities of Syracuse are taken from the Convention Publicity and Tourist Bureau of the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce: Close to Syracuse are many beautiful spots, any or all of which should be seen by every visitor to Syracuse. There is of course a limit to the ability of even a corporation to disgorge its seemingly enormous wealth, so they were compelled to enter the businesss of surgery in self protection.

The addition of tartaric acid to a solution of the bisulphate is said to render it less irritating. To this disease many generic names have been given, but it would appear that paranoia must now for the sake of uniformity be accepted. Great care should be taken to prevent undue loss of heat, and the possibility of the child's taking cold. Para reports that yellow fever has been very prevalent among recently arrived persons in that port during the where his superior abilities soon won for him a large practice. It may bend around the point of fixation upon the blind side, and thus greatly mitigate the injury inflicted on sight by sparing the whole of the macula lutea. The plaintiff thereupon appealed to the Appellate Division, where the ruling of the Trial Court dismissing the complaint was affirmed. Some cases, however, of marked severity yield few colonies, and others of marked mildness a larger number of colonies of Bacillus dysenterice obtainable, is, as a rule, far below the number of colonies o the usual intestinal bacteria which develop upon the plates; but in a verj' few instances the number of colonies of the dysentery bacillus equals or exceeds that of all other organi m, and in exceptional specimens type of Bacillus dysenteries which preponderated in th children is the so-called" Flexner-Harris" organism. If the mixture in small quantities is thrown into a red-hot crucible, each portion deflagrates, carbonic oxide is given ofl", and potassium iodide formed. Then an amendment stiffening the restrictions around granting reciprocity to chiropractors from other states. This, however, is not an entirely satisfactory title in that it may convey the idea that the organ is put out of commission by being put on the shelf, whereas the operation was devised for the purpose of putting the organ in a position where it could do its was pale, apparently very anjemic, thin and poorly nourished, extremely nervous, and emotional. The County Society has also gone on record in favor of a county health department. Tt boils at and yields with acids crystallizable salts; the piperate of piperidine crystallizes in silky obtained a small quantity of piperidine synthetically by treating an alcoholic solution of the piperate). Methyl-violet or pyoktanin is the coloring agent employed, and injections are made with solutions of from one in two hundred to one in five hundred. Uncovered metal parts are subject to chemical corrosions. A hsematoma may arise, and sometimes be followed by abscess. He used first the sun's rays, but those are rare in Denmark, and he was forced to employ the electric light, which he found would give equally good results. Substance and its tincture are inadequate. Each sporocyst then divides into two uninuclear crescentic bodies (sporozoites), and if the sporocysts be ingested by a suitable host the sporozoites penetrate into epithelial having entered a cell alters its form, enlarges, and is termed a schizont, which by multiple division gives origin to many merozoites, some of which again enter epithelial cells and develop into schizonts.