Most of these meshes are so narrow that they afford space for one only of these cells, which is consequently encircled by the current of blood. Gangrene occurs in the same kind of cases as does suppuration, occasionally following the latter process. Careful prenatal, labor and puerperal records are kept, making this work of extreme value to the medical student, not only from the obstetrical standpoint, but in making him appreciate the value of social service and public health work.

This committee to be chosen from the membership residing near the place of meeting for which they are to arrange." The society then proceeded to elect officers as follows, for the ensuing The president announced the following committee of arrangements for the next meeting, which is to be held at The society then repaired to the banquet room. The eense of smell is impaired or lost. Mucus from the hypogastric region. The more intimate anatomical differences are often first revealed by the microscope. Ooe case, an erythema about the eyes, accompanied by intolerable itching, following the use of Mkkoged. The patient is getting well, wearing the tube without any inconvenience whatever, uid never having had an injec tion used, or any antiseptic precaution taken. The residue, a brokendown carcinomatous mass, involving chiefly the omentum and mesenteric glands, was then removed and weighed fifteen pounds.

The most practical and radical method, and the one promising the greatest percentage of cures, is excision of the ends of bone with fixation of pieces by any one of the various methods in use clamps, ivory pegs, or bone ferrule. The first effect of the operation upon the urine is shown in an increased daily output of urea.

The flow of bile continued for a few days, when it became purulent and foul-smelling.

Still it not unfrequently occurs, however, that, notwithstanding appreciable diminution in the volume of the gland, the faeces continue normal in appearance. Saint-Hilaire's term for the second lateral piece of the plastron of a tortoise, being the one behind the clavicular scute. I wondered if there was a schizoid tendency here; paranoid schizophrenia may be a hallmark of other disease and in my experience particularly of lupus, but as time went on, I found no support for such a theory. Kitgen to a Suborder of birds which dwell Kylotrop'ia. Some of the bottled mineral waters, while valuable for their medicinal qualities, are far too powerful to be used as a table water, others are so loaded with organic poisons as to be unfit for use, some of the latter becoming contaminated in the When the medical profession of America awakens to a full realization of the value of these great remedies, and use them with the same scientific wisdom as other medical agents are used; when by the results, the resort owners are forced to recognize the importance of the medical advisors at the springs; when the medical profession makes its influences a power for good of waters not bottled in a clean and antiseptic manner from springs known to be free from organic matter, and other poisons, the field of the usefulness of the springs of our countrywill broaden until they become as important, if they do not surpass, the mineral springs of Europe. She may be memory, though in some cases impaired, is ftdrly good until late in the disease, when delirium, or even incurable insanity, may supervene. Owing to the protected position of the intercostal arteries, their injury is relatively uncommon. For of their responsiveness to the endogenous agonist noradrenaline (norepinephrine): the concentration of noradrenaline required to cause bronchodilatation (via change that is coupled to a biological response. Tumors of the lung and costal pleura often produce contraction and retraction of the lung.