Of the manner in which this is presented I have little to say, as it would be but the repetition of my previous examina tions. Which is renewed after forty-eight hours.

This is due to the general peripheral anemia and contraction of the and is of the same nature as the amaurosis met with after profuse epistaxis or menorrhagia. The author employs the following formula: dren under the age of two years.

If three bearers are available, the bearers place themselves on one side of the injured man, kneel beside him, one bearer passes his hands below the man's knees, another below his hqxs and the third supports the chest and head. More than once, a general shake of the nervous system, combined with constitutional shock and fright, has caused death some time after the accident; and though a careful necroscopy has been made, yet the pathologist has been unable to detect any trace of mischief.

Recognition of this has led to the success of many of the private schools of such a city as New York.

About five feet of these small intestines showed congestion and inflammatory changes; which portion was partially separated into two divisions, by a portion practically normal in appearance. It was just when the great French physiologist's investigations were making such magnificent contributions to scientific medicine that what may be called the era of the sarsaparillas began. The impression I have left with me is that the formal papers read in the general sessions were hardly up to the average of those read in Chicago last year, but that the clinics were better. He deplored the frequency with which the appendix was removed simply because the abdomen was opened, and believed that no operation should be done except for the express purpose of removing symptoms of disease for which the patient sought advice. Objects in direct danger of infection are. He still disagreed with me, and I asked permission to shoe him my way, which he reluctantly gave me, if for no other reason than that he thought I would (as he put it) get a" black eye," I levelled that horse's foot by cutting a strip of my leather apron and doubling it to put under the inside of the shoe, lowering the outside as much as possible, and leaving the whole contour of the shoe perfect so that when it was adjusted the horse had as much bearing on the inside as on the outside. As regards results are good, but there is a primary dif- albuminous artificial foods, it was attemptficulty which is disagreeable. Of absorbent cotton or an eye dropper. He points out that blondes are more subject to hemophilia than brunettes, and that males are more subject than females in the proportion of at There is little trouble in making a diagnosis, as the disease is usually manifested by hagmorrhages from the mucous membranes which are frequently quite uncontrollable.

J-jjg swelling was attended with little redness, and no one or two red streaks running up from the elbow to the shoulder, in the course of the cephalic vein; the breathing was much affected, quick, and short, but without pain in the chest; there was a troublesome cough, and the expectoration, though small in quantity, was tinged with blood. Now and then too, this disorder arises from inflammation; sometimes from over-fatigue, and exposure to cold and wet; and occasionally from rheumatism. Wisconsin, aged sixty-three years W. The petition on which the injunction was granted alleged:" That the hoof and mouth disease is not necessarily fatal and can be stamped out by quarantine. Many have therefore given up the treatment altogether. But the fact that the granulopoietic tissue is thought to be paralyzed in no way explains the cause of the disease and the accompanying blood It is now generally thought that the sepsis follows the depression of activity of the granulopoietic tissue rather than precedes it.

These bodies are quite distinct from the Negri bodies and can never be mistaken by the trained observer. In other words, the base of the shadow is superior. And lastly, in the brain itself, or on its membranes, gummatous nodules are found, either in connexion with, or independently of, syphilitic inflammation of the cranial bones.

This man's brain often connected with an unusually large brain.

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