An instrument, used for extracting teeth. It adjoins the Pharmacology Building, two stories in height, that houses two large teaching laboratories for histology and pharmacology, and one research laboratory.

I am satisfied to take the latter, as the real cause of the affection. The physician who makes notes of the condition of his patients, at the time of consultation or by the bedside, soon acquires a reputation for careful work, while he does not have to rack his memory for the details of earlier treatment, nor need he ask his patient what always makes a bad impression and lays the physician open to the reproach of forgetfulness and lack of interest. Ether, the patient being on the floor', redaction was accomphshed in one eflbrt by flexing the thigh in the adducted position in which it lay, rotating slightly inward, then abducting as far as the jierpendicular, ja'umed between the sjiiles of a pier by a ferry-boat, Vf.ii brought to the hosjjital an hour later with a dorsal dislocation of the left femur.

There was no redness of the eye dunng recovery fruin this operation, and the child was discharged on the fourth day.

In all matters relating to his disorder the inebriate seeks to hide and cover uj) by prevarication; at first these methods are shrewd and skillful, but when the disorder increases, they are more ajijjarent, the intrigue is coarser and more conspicuous.

What folly to attribute the symptoms of the latter stages of this fatal descent to a process of stimulation, at the very time when death is about The apologist for this doctrine may here demur, and claim that the tetanic spasms are not attributed to a healthy increase of normal nerve-activity, but are due to"a morliid exaltation of the fimctions of" morbid exaltation" also passes under the name kinds of nerve-force, one normal, the other morbid? Until this is proved, how is the presence of this intruding force to be accounted for? It must have some origin, and as normal nerve-force is admittedly enfeebled, or in abeyance, the" morbid" variety must have its source extraneous to nervefunction. In Galen's time theory ana grass empiricism reigned supreme.

For general pm'poses it may be stated that the presence of a cathodal opening contraction with less than five milhamperes of galvanic current may be considered to establish the diagnosis of spasmophiha, while the absence of such a contraction excludes it. O There is a need for general agreement on which data elements might best be used for exchange purposes but systems should be flexible enough to accommodate the addition of new data elements for national or organizational use only as well as for exchange. This epithet has been applied to ischuria, occasioned by calculi formed the kidneys. The information content of the reports satisfies the demands for information and by means of a multi faceted approach meets the requirements of decision making in research and development. " reports the case of a man aged thii-ty-five years, sufl'ering from delirium tremens; no sleep for a week. Graham was selected Hrst Honorary President, and had the satisfaction of seeing the Society in successful operation before his death. Above all, the author is emphatic in explaining the actuality of the socalled maladie hnaginaire, hypochondria, hysteria, or by whatever name this terriijle affliction may be designated.

When the figures of (centenarians are examined, this preponderance of the female sex becomes The MEDlrO-CHERrRGICAIi ColI,EGE op PHTL.iDEL the Medioo-Chirm-gical CoUege, exists under a charter obtained many years ago, but never employed, and is located at the southwest corner of Broad and Market streets, in one of the upper stories of the Third National Bank building. Stevens goes further, and presents evidence tending to the belief that the acting cause of chorea is removed by simply relieving the eye strain. In one reported, the aneurism had to be cut through with a saw. The habitual use of mechanical restraint will become a thing of the past, and patients will not be shut up in close wards all day, but will be usefully emjiloyed both in the house and out of it. TRANSCRIPT OF TITLE AND GENERAL DISCRIPTION. Yet, very often, by keeping up the strength of the patient by appropriate feeding or the use of stimulants, by saving him from the wearing effects of pain or of sleeplessness we can so preserve his strength that the natural forces may have time to act and he may recover when otherwise he would have died.

I am giving a tablespoonful of the saline laxative twice a day, and the way I am cleaning her out is a caution.

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