Telephone or address him at BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Exceptional laboratory facilities for teaching and research. Its establishment as a special branch of research dated from the archeological survey undertaken by the Egyptian and Wood Jones. Seven weeks since, on recovering from a paroxysm, it was found that she had lost the power of motion, and the feeling of her right side. This places a serious handicap on the medical profession, as well as a financial burden on the poorly paid wage earner, which neither should be wholly required to bear. I do not believe I can answer all the questions so will show a few pictures of cases which will themselves answer. At seven o'clock on Sunday morning (loth appeared on his arms; at half-past eleven o'clock he died. Mcintosh that the chemical tests in the early diagnosis of carcinoma of the stomach are very valuable, still, the chemical tests alone, as well as the physical symptoms, are absolutely of no value in certain cases in the early diagnosis of carcinoma of the stomach. The idea of some latent syphilitic attack suggested itself to each of the medical men that saw the case, but there was no tangible sign of its existence, either cutaneous or uterine, and still the vaunted cure by sarsaparilla would again obtrude the idea before the mind of such having existed.

The little finger may be armed with a bright polished metallic thimble, which will readily attract the attention of In the examination of the right eye the proceeding should be other than anomalies of refraction. This is why cotton makes such an ideal dressing, since it permits the free evaporation of moisture, a moderate access of air, and yet If the cut or scratch is of any depth or seriousness whatever, or the knife, tool, or other instrument be dirty, or if any considerable amount of street-dust or garden-soil has got into the wound, then it is, by all means, advisable to go to a physician, have the wound thoroughly cleaned on antiseptic principles, and put up in antiseptic dressing. This enrollment does not mean that the person will be forthwith called up for service; in fact, he may never be called up, for he will not be so called until his services will be actually required.

Robert Muir, Glasgow, will read a paper (title not Dr. He collects human blood in a paraffine test tube, centrifuges this, mixes the clear plasma with Ringer's solution, and places his tissue in this; he noticed a very slight growth. A child, female, aged ten years, presented the symptoms of a moderately acute infection, with the enlarged spleen and lymph glands, followed iii a few days with increasing paralysis, first of the legs and then extending to the trunk and arms. He was discharged brace,.c-rays have been taken of all the bony structures, including the spinal column and ribs, the bones of upper extremity, the lower extremities, and also of the feet; all of the plates are quite free of any lesion except those showing the hip and upper portion of the femur rather confirm this suspicion.

If blood is present, in a few seconds an intense blue color will appear in the mix ture, which gradually assumes a reddish-violet tint. Consist of members, delegates, guests, and honorary the members of the component county medical associations. The results of sudden strangulation were gangrene, infection and peritonitis, without any increase in the size of the cyst. In her (jencral conduct xhe had alvntjs been Her conduct had always been quiet, harmless, and inoffensive. There are cases in which the local changes are slight or absent, and there are others with intense localization in the lungs, spleen, kidneys, or cerebro-spinal system. With a convulsed motion, that was momentary, the snake half untwisted itself, and never stirred more; and the muscles were so contracted, that the whole animal felt hard and rigid, as though dried According to Orfila, the celebrated horrible pains, amidst which he expired, in consequence of having drunk a glass of wine in which some Spanish snufF had been infused; and from experiments instituted by the same toxicologiit, it was found that five drachms and a half of common rappee, introduced into the stomach of a dog, caused nausea, giddiness, stupor, twitching of the muscles of the neck, and death in nine hours; and that two drachms and a quarter, applied to a wound, proved Malin has recorded two cases of deatii from excessive smoking; in one case seventeen, and in the other eighteen, pipes having been taken at a sitting. The left limb of the transverse colon lay in contact with the sigmoid "" loop, and lateral anastomosis between these two portions of the gut was decided upon and performed. Howard and Clark conducted a series of experiments on insect transmission with the virus of poliomyelitis, at the Rockefeller Institute, with very interesting results. The X-Ray has thus far proved disappointing as an element in diagnosis. They would have more time for visiting and clinical teaching in the labor and lying-in wards, and to devote to the pathological work of their department, which the older physician busy in practice may find it difficult to do.

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