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The essayist showed that it must never be made across the general direction of the bloodvessels, which would result in profuse hemorrhage and also laceration on removal of the foetus. Drainage has failed to cure and the adhesions formed by the previous union of the gall-bladder to the external incision vastly increases the difficulty of complete extirpation. - project Eli also will allow the department of public health and epidemiology to upgrade its two existing computer municate with each other throughout the university and with more powerful computers, such as the mainframes at the Yale Computing Center. The Oridoct Has an Import and Export The oviduct has an import and an export service physiologically directly opposed to each other. The cause of this interstitial change is most common'ly due to pressure on the ureters of the thick bundles of muscular tissue of an hypertrophied bladder. Si-ars adds four cases to the fifty previously reiwrtcd. He resides in Parsonsfield, on the South Road, breveted major, graduated at the Law School of Columbian University, receiving the and Moses Arthur.

Shake the whole well for half an hour, and after a week's maceration in a cool place decant the clear For use shake well with twice its bulk bulk of water, stirring thoroughly.

Ethnographically considered, circumcision is of a Semitic origin, taken by the Hebrews most probably from the Arabs, though there are certain reasons to presume that the Egyptians were the ones whom the Hebrews imitated in this practice, the only inexplicable feature being, why do Hebrews circumcise on the eighth day, while the Arabs, Egyptians, and those small tribes practising it in the western hemisphere, perform the same on To this short sketch we will add only that this operation was performed in ancient times, as seen in the Bible, with sharp-edged stones, and that a part of the How is circumcision performed at present, at the house of a Hebrew, under ordinary circumstances? A look into the operating-room, and a short acquaint ance with its surroundings, as well as with the ceremony connected with the operation, I believe, will be of interest to those of my colleagues who have never witnessed it, and will probably never have the opportunity to do so.