Not yet minutely studied) disseminated sclerosis; one sclerosis of the lateral columns; and one extensive central myelitis, h.

There are statements in the chapter which deals with heredity which, when compared with others in the volume, seem contradictory. Camphorse, opodeldoc), or anodyne liniments containing hyoscyamus, chloroform, etc.

In one case there was chronic circumscribed gangrene, with an isolated slough in one lung, followed by acute sphacelus in the other; in another an enormous gangrenous abscess, succeeding to contused injury of the chest; in a third, a gangrenous cavity occurring after causes likely to produce intense congestion of the organ; and in the fourth, gangrenous abscess supervening upon asthenic pneumonia.

There are communications upon the treatment of innominate aneurism, on fibroma of the nose and naso-pharynx, on prolapsus funis, multiple neuritis, immunity and protection from disease, physical education, milk fever, physiology of ganglion cells, and eye-diseases of the unborn infant. For one and a half days she was allowed fast she received a half-ounce of magnesium sulphate ounce of castor oil; about two hours later, after numerous stools, she took the first dose of the following mixture, followed by another an hour later, until all The stools after the administration of the castor oil contained several links of the worm, but not until the above mixture had blinded him did he let go of the lining of the intestine with his suckers, when the head and twelve feet of the worm were captured. Perfrigens produce this effect slowly and a warm saturated aqueous solution of oxalic acid.

The temperature in the mouth is The above was Dr.

It is much less painful than either the bluestone or the of the following is made at home: Of course the result depends in a great measure on the home surroundings and care of the child, but I have frequently seen a typical frog spawn conjunctiva become perfectly normal in three weeks. If irritation of the large bowels supervene, emollient enemata should be administered; and a cooling aperient may be taken occasionally to evacuate the morbid biliary and intestinal secretions which rapidly accumulate in hepatic diseases, and which, if not removed from the bowels, irritate, inflame, and ulcerate the parts in which they lodge. In such cases, the // other structures may be seriously injured, and especially the organic nerves: these latter affect the circulation in the vessels of the injured part, and consecutively the vascular system generally; and thus extreme suffering, shock to the constitution, and vascular overwhelmed by the amount of injury and the are successively produced. Washington's death, humanly speaking, may be ascribed to his having been so sparingly bled in the very commencement of the attack (review). He believed that the cerebro-spinal fluid, which surrounds the brain, fills the ventricles, and surrounds the bloodvessels and nerve-cells, was thrown into a violent state of agitation when the cranium received a blow; and that this fluid-wave impinging on the parts in the region of the bulb, produced a reflex spasm of tlie cerebral bloodvessels, whereby the brain was rendered anemic.

For this reason alone, advisable, whenever the temperature of the air and the state of the sea will permit, to open daily the ports of the ship and the cabin windows, so as to secure a free exchange of air. Both had a very large output of urea and he thought the tachycardia might be due to that.

The treatment of portwine marks by electrolysis was too tedious and painful for large areas. The appearance of a red color is a positive test, indicating the presence of indol and nitrite. In that organ, according to them, the infectious agent, as yet unknown, elaborated a toxic substance, which, absorbed into the blood, gave rise to the general symptoms characteristic of yellow fever. Add this amount to the first solution and check the pH again with a pH meter. That with oxide of zinc or starch, from its absorbent and desiccating effect, is indicated in all oozing eruptions, and is almost a specific in pustular eczema. In its tubercular form it is always associated with tubercular peritonitis, of which it is merely an extension. A similar condition was found bleeder twenty-five years of age, who had bled to death from a slight contused walls of the arteries in a bleeder child three and a half years old, only half as bleeder fifteen years old was observed to have unusually thin walls and an more frequently the aorta has been found to be narrowed; at least, Virchow in his enormous haematoma of the right thigh. Jaundice frequently occurs in the hepatitis of Europeans, particularly when passing on to abscess, but it seldom takes place in warm climates, unless the gall-bladder or ducts are involved, or when hepatitis follows biliary calculi or obstruction of the ducts.

This was all I could make out, but this was enough to establish the fact to my mind that this was a probable cause of her reflex pains. He had an enlarged spleen, and very marked blood at the time of the beginning of the chill showed very beautifully the characteristic rosettes of the quartan parasite. Stated that he appreciated what the reader of the paper had said regarding the vagueness of the various forms of socalled heredity, and he did not know that we could establish any very positive data upon which to base an opinion as to the importance of this factor.

We notice in the heart itself, during the attack, a decided accentuation of the cardiac sounds, and the presence of murmurs which rapidly disappear with the culmination of the disttirbance. Either affection may be consequent on the other, but most frequently http enteritis is the secondary disease. These latter, or the numerous woolen undershirts often worn by the pulmonary invalid, are in many cases the very cause of contracting repeated colds by rendering the individual too sensitive. The speaker was informed a few days ago that an Inverness dentist had a whole Highland family under his care who were edentates, but as the history could not be got, the accuracy of the statement could not be vouched for.