Bacteriological decided to treat it as a scurvy, and prescribed orange juice and fresh milk. I next relate several cases in a family in which there was clearly a rheumatic tendency, but also to my thinking a decided syphilitio taint. In the majority of cases ovulation had occurred shortly before the onset of menstruation, as shown by the finding of a corpus luteum hemorrhagicum in the ovary at the menstrual period and before the appearance of the menses. This was incised and a drainage tube inserted, but little improvement followed, and the kidney was afterwards removed. MacFarlane having been superanuated (now deceased). The morbid changes noted by Balzer and Talamon concern both the cells of the glandular epithelium and the interacinous connective tissue. To sum up briefly the views, which I have attempted to support respecting pulmonary consumption in these lectures, I That in the affection to which the name acute"general miliary tuberculosis" is given, the hard nodules occurring in the lungs, are due mainly to growth of the perivascular and peribronchial cords, together with alveolar catarrh of smaller or larger extent,"that commonest form of pulmonary consumption in this country is due, in the first instance, to an intra-alveolar and by proliferation of epithelium more or less rapid; followed generally by impermeability and disappearance of the alveolar capillaries, and by changes in the septa of the aveoli; and resulting in the destruction of the lung-tissue; the whole process giving rise to the That catarrhal pneumonia is the most common accompaniment of any affection of, or even injury to, the lungs; and that its occurrence often gives rise to the appearance of bodies possessing, to the naked eye, all the characteristics That in the majority of cases of this form of phthisis, the whole bent of our treatment should be against repeated chronic inflamations of the lung in the sense of catarrh of the air vesicles and finer tubes, and as far as possible in aid of increased assimilation and nutrition, especially in the encouragement of those methods of hygiene which consist not only in change of air and climate, but also in the more ordinary matters of baths and suitable clothing." f Dr. The lady was a primipara, twTuty-four years old, was anemic, dropsical, with a very bad heart.

Another place he states that"it is inherent in the soul (subconscious mind) to know its experiences in advance, at That any sane individual should hope to dupe intelligent people with such nonsense would appear almost beyond belief. He is also a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Commercial Club, the Retail Merchants Association of Richmond and is a member of the Jewish faith.

He thought that the collapse at the time of operation in these cases was relieved by the operation and flushing of'livid, any operation was certainly contra-indicated.

Miller was born at Hillsboro in Frederick and Amanda (Evans) Miller. He has seen so many fatal cases following such exposure that he decides to go on record against it. Some of them get into our stomachs through the im pure water we may drink. Newspaper articles on these subjects will be issued, and here also attention will be called to the advisory function of the department. Has continued in the enjoyment of good health ever suffering from inflammation of the bowels, for which she was and that the child had not been well since she was vaccinated, a month previously.

But through the kindness and skill of Mr.

Fraleigh), expressed the opinion that death could not have resulted from the amount of opium given. The patient of the fingers on extension ( )f arm and fingers.

Finally, we venture to say that Dr.

In response to questions she insisted that she am, but it is getting farther away." This uncertainty as to her identity answers with a careless unconcern. Posteriorly there is in some cases marked extravasation over the trapezius muscles. We know that digitalis has no influence in increasing the quantity of urine in health or in disease where the blood-pressure is high. The alcaptonuric patient cannot oxidize homogentisic acid which is eliminated in his urine. Engelmann, on"Electricity in Gynecology," does not belong to the latter category; importance of the subject, and the high role which this therapeutic agent is destined to assume, in the treatment of numerous morbid conditions that have heretofore perplexed or utterly defied the ablest practitioners, it cannot be charged against Dr. 'J'he valves were markedly fibroid.

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