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To - thomas's Hospital, is of the same value as the Musgrove Scholarship is awarded and held upon the same terms; and is given every second year in alternation with that Scholarship. Thus, even the agricultural chemist, the botanist, and the naturalist might combine to produce a work whose value should so far exceed that of any single work now before our profession as do our present books those published a hundred years ago upon the same tablet subject.

It is noteworthy that the secondary lesions of hereditary syphilis usually manifest themselves at about the same period after birth as those of the acquired form after inoculation, and that user the pathological alterations of tissue which occur are of the same nature; however, these changes in the child are more hypersemic and active, interstitial hyperplasia is more diffuse, and usually larger surfaces involved. Effects - wood says that in Hiccough it is probably next to musk the most efficient remedy.


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