Perhaps no other man has ever discovered so many interesting facts touching the production of the young within and without the womb. That his life is hard and exacting; that he is underpaid and overworked; that he has but little time for study and less for recreation these are the blows that may give finer temper to his steel, and At the outset I would like to emphasize the fact Specialism, that the student of internal medicine cannot be a specialist. President of the Berlin Medical Society, thinks that there is a fatty degeneration of the musculai fibres of the heart, with abundant cell-proliferation, A Monthly Journal of Medical and Sargical Science Our contemporary" the organ of the Toronto School of Medicine," with its usual one-sidedness comes forward in the last issue with a long bill of indictment against the editor of the Lancet, for daring to exercise his undoubted right of criticizing the qualifications of the Chairman of the Onrio Board of Health. Nearly thirty years ago a prominent New York shipping merchant, with well-marked gouty diathesis, applied to me for relief from left sciatica. Improvement continued, and after six bottles had been used the pain was gone, and the swelling disappeared. Practical instruction, including laboratory work in Chemistry, Theory and Practice of Medicine and of Clinical For catalogue and announcement containing The Regular Course of Lectures is held in the Summer, beginning June Ist.

There are instances, too, where, from adhesions of the sides of the vessel, a total obliteration is produced, and should recovery take place, it becomes ultimately a dense, impervious cord. Report of the Retreat, near Tinea capitis. The organ, then, without due enquiry into the circumstances, accuses a" well-known medical man" in this city of meeting homoeopathic practitioners in consultation, login and applies the foL lowing epithets to him for his alleged breach of ethics. After the chill, the nurse was alarmed, and gave a CAUTERIZATION BY NITRATE OF SILVER, TO URINE, DUE TO ENLARGED PROSTATE. Indeed, if only those directly referable to physical or psychical trauma in the? course of the war are considered, their Hysterical hemiplegia is rare in consequence of a wound of a limb; this is conceivable when one considers that the local trauma limits its action to fixing upon a restricted region of the body the functional disturbance (bound up with the emotion and the representation of the emotion). In eleven cases the delivery was effected by the forceps. The statement of Grassi and I'eletti that they found spore-forming spheres (of crescents) in the splenic blood is questionable, at least judging from the drawings which they made of these bodies. In two other cases of this nature in which I used this drug, the results were just as satisfactory. The cup is dipped suddenly into the water, and weeds, debris, and water are all brought up together. Two small prevent tlie action of cold air upon the patches of roughened and granular exposed peritoneal surface, by arti membianc, more vividly injected than ficially raising the heat of the room in the surrounding parts, corresponded to which the operation was performed, the two adhesions observed during the and maintaining a high temperature operation. By the by, is nothing else but a cough of the nasal passages, and of the back of the controlled in the manner we have just mentioned, we are naturally led to expect the same in the former; and so I have found it to be the case not only in myself, but in several other persons who have tried the By merely rubbing pretty smartly with the point of a finger the edge of the lips or of the eyelids, or of the tip of the nose, when the first intimation of the' besoin' to cough is felt, the act may often be entirely prevented. These symptoms depend upon a lithsemic condition of the system, faults of assimilation that are so readily mistaken for neurasthenia that very radical errors of treatment result. We have found the most happy relief from this troublesome symptom in the use of" Murdock's Liquid Food," by the complete withdrawal of all food and the use of this Liquid Food, five drops in one teaspoonful of water every half-hour alternately with the medicine. Of these Mott's, Hunter's, and Thomas's are most prominent, but on account of their difficulty of application, and failure to render the vaginal walls tense (a prime requisite in operations for fistula), they are not entirely satisfactory to the profession. With regard to kerosene oil, it is not so is necessary, however, in the tropics to allow a considerable margin for evaporation, and larger quantities are required where the surface is covered with weed; in fact, in these cases difficulties occur in its application, and it is best to spray it on with a pump.

I then passed my small sized trocar into the tumor and evacuated seven and a half pints of dark bilious colored fluid: Bifurcatus, Blanchard ssljs that"it bites freely at dawn and dusk, but at night practically not at all." In outhouses and shady places A. While the patient is being anaesthetized, one geU the spray in order, arranges instruments and dressings.

Now, in my own experience, and I think also in the experience of every one who has given close practical attention to this matter, electricity not only greatly aids the action of other remedies, but it not infrequently cures when many other methods have failed.

In severe cases it is not rare to see a number of parasites in every field when the examination is at once successful, but in mild cases, and occasionally in pretty severe ones, an entire preparation may be gone over before a parasite is encountered. Our patient seems quite as happy as most men, though the disease has certainly lasted nine years, probably longer.

The following changes, it is stated, take place in each instance of successful transplantation: A diffuse swelling is at once formed, which speedily begins to diminish, and is replaced about the fourteenth day by a movable visit nodule, in which bony tissue already exists in scattered foci. This is part of the larger plan of the Library as a whole to show in some detail the vitality of the ancient thought and to being and is the real hope of an orderly future.

Of the sixty cases of arm presentation related in these Clinical Reports, there was prolapsus of the funis in fifteen. Even hemorrhages into the disk are not very rare.

And on the right shoulder was noticed a thick-set eruption of small, salmon-colored papules, many of them surmounted by very small vesicles.

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