But he appears to have had little or no acquaintance with those authors of the Arabians who wrote in Asia, since he neither speaks of them in his works, nor avails himself of their labours. In the evening an exhibition of sanitary appliances, etc., was opened by the Lord Mayor. On the morning of my visit, while walking across her room, she was surprised by a very profuse gush of blood, I found her in bed much had ceased, I contented myself with ordering ab-solute rest, with cold cloths across the hypogastrium, requesting to be called immediately upon the reappearance of any further discharge.

The exact figures are given from the records of an inland town of the State, which has been occupied by six generations.

Alexander McPhedran, Professor of Medicine and Clinical Medicine at Toronto University, has joined us and will have charge of the department of Clinical Medicine.

Pulsation in left iliac artery distinct, but the femoral and tibial vessels could not be made out. The after treatment was dressings, changed every day for four weeks; when all the wounds were healed he had no constitutional symptoms, as the swelling did not go beyond the elbow- joint. Berne," of Amsterdam, reports two successful cases of oesophagotomy for extraction of false teeth. The transversalis fascia was cut through to the full extent of the abdominal wound. Presented a woman, thirty-one years of age, who had recovered from myxoedema after treatment with the thyroid glands of sheep. Of both kinds of food the animal system has need. Those who were able to move were the means of on to Chatliam or to Chichester, the rest detained Transport.

Depot for the sale of the Strumatic Salt, at THOMAS MILLER, M. After citing a number of cases of the authority before mentioned, the report went on to say that from the above series it will be seen that in the fifty cases of yellow fever, agglutination with cessation of motion was work demonstrates the practical value of serum diagnosis. In the same spirit of credulity which led him to believe the anile tales of the wonder-working virtues of gold, we find Bacon extolling the marvellous properties of a bone occasionally, he says, found in the heart of a deer, and which, when taken from an animal far advanced in years, was imagined capable of endowing the fortunate person who possessed and wore it with a similar longevity. Still more misleading are the signs where adhesions bind together the chest wall and a portion of the lung which has undergone fibroid induration, with cavernous respiration. The method is applied as follows: After having freely opened the seat of mischief and slit up any sinuses that may exist, he excises if the lesion involves a joint. The present volume contains seven chapters numbered XIV to XX. In the case of the child which was attacked fourth in order, a very robust, fat, and healthy boy, the disease was ushered in with convulsions; at least,.

Found that the vascular reactions of the hand depended upon an intact condition of the median and ulnar nerves and was inde pendent of the eonditions of the radial nerve.

Reincke remarks, it is to be hoped that this sad event may not be without warning to those who would treat the cholera organism with too great familiarity. That every exertion will continue to be made to supply the XXIV DR. The second cause is shortening of the that when the stitches are inserted, and the parts drawn together, the traction produces the efi'ect already stated on the urinary canal.

They should be fully a yard long in order that the assistant who controls the head may be well out of the way of the anesthetist. The real foreign body was in the posterior pole of the eye, and was removed by the help of a magnet. " Martyrs," he states," for all manner of causes, are able to withstand suffering with such equanimity, and sometimes even joy, that it is evident that they cannot feel, as would persons under ordinary conditions, the pain that is being infiicted on them." We hope the author is right in this, but we own to have always felt a shudder for poor Joan of Arc, and one cannot but think that pain and fatigue sense must have yielded tardily to the faggot, the rack, and the thumb screw, and one does not expect to find these speculations as regards the sufferings of martyrs side by side with diagrams of cortical structures from the works of Barker, Ramon y Cajal and after Stan Stuy and Leaming. The Professor says to himself," The larger the clinic, and the more assistants I have, the no practice by it." It was from the same motive that one of the Vanderbilts was led to say:" The rights of The dispensary has no rights in the handling of patients further than the treatment and clinical use of the poor.

This may appear to be high praise, but the work has so well earned its leading place in medical literature that but one view can be expressed concerning its general character as a text-book.

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