The argument in its favor, when prudently used, seems complete. The overall decline in the birth rate, therefore, is not likely to put people who care for children out of work.

Finny saw her in June and advised giving her sodium nitrite, which somewhat reduced I lie tension.

The following eye disturbances are found in this condition: Ectropion, due to the atrophic lesions on the eyelids; photophobia, with lacrimation; interstitial keratitis; corneal nodules and opacities ( Some of them are very likely young forms of the preceding Passed in West Virginia from the bladder of a man, days from luematuria. Pathologic changes in the parathyroid gland with hypercsbemia and hypophosphatemia have been observed in a few patients ofbrolonged therapy; thiazides should be discontinued before testing (if ahepatic cholestatic jaundice); pancreatitis; sialadenitis. The fluid is thin, acrid, disagree able in taste and odor, and is irritating to the mouth, lips and chin. The original group, with changes in membership, has met continuously for about eighteen years.

But before entering upon a more detailed study of these, we are impelled at least to call attention to what seems a most necessary preliminary to the successful administration of all hygienic laws in every organized body of men such as constitutes the navy, fjy that we mean the instruction of the men under tVainiuV in the laws of the hygiene of our daily It has been found repeatedly and constitutes an almost daily lesson of the sanitarian that one of the greatest and ever-present dangers from disease, on the part of the men in both the army and navy, is the ignorance of the most of this might be cited ad infimtum, but we need go no further than merely call attention to the lessons that have been taught us, during our short war with Spain, things, died within a few weeks of going into their lirst encampment. I can not promise to keep writing and speaking for my talent is not along that line. Based on the available data, the Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs of the Elnited States Senate has recently released a set of dietary goals for the United States.

Asdale, as secretary, through their energy and good judgment contributed very largely to the success of the meeting. While to many students it forms a subject of much interest and great curiosity, to many more it appears a mere mass of dry details and unconnected facts.


SEE PACKAGE CIRCULAR ) DESCRIPTION. Extraction by capsulotomy is less satisfactory. These multiple relationships and experiences are readily available in small group therapy which provides ample opportunity to work through problems in interpersonal relationships and serves, at the same time, as a mirror of the situations (group and individual therapy) the therapy, the dyadic infant-parent relationship (and through the addition of group he will learn) to establish more adult relationships, I have found it effective to see some patients in group therapy who are in individual therapy with others, either with other psychiatrists or with non-physician therapists. A blood-count was made with negative results as to leucocytosis. Boiled water and abstinence from eating uneiioked vegetables of any soit, as well as the destruction of.stools from patients afflicted witli the parasite, are evident measures suggested by the life history.

The temperature of the room, the patient's diet and digestive organs must be carefully regulated. The latter factor probably is the most important. Johnston brought forward a case of intra-cranial tumour which was successfully localised and removed. This stimulation, as already stated, is brought about osmotically. The current partnership between the medical profession and the federal government through the PSRO mechanism will have a greater likelihood of survival if it has the continued support of both physicians and other health care providers. The material employed in bandaging is usually stout unbleached or ten inches wide, and from six to twelve yards long; the former length and breadth will do best the ball of the foot, and evenly applied so that each fold overlaps the other about one-third, it best show the mode of application.