Physicians are in the habit of defining its limits by given out by tapping with the fingers over the liver is dull, while other parts of the belly give forth a clear sound. This form of inborn tuberculosis will, he thinks, be more and more apparent with the improvement of our microscopic technique.

The relations of the sheath to the corpus spongiosum urethrre, one layer of which passes above, the other below it. By most practitioners trephining is regarded as a serious, or even desperate, operation, and is resorted to only in the most dangerous cases. Their continued use is dangerous and may prolong convalescence by leaving the blood-vessels very weak.

The above examples will serve to illustrate what we can do for our diabetics of both mild and severe types when taken in hand at a comparatively early stage, and when they are kept under proper supervision and control. Probably the first had been preceptor to some of the fellows, who now evince their gratitude by depriving him of the honours and emoluments appertaining to his office.

Gall and Spurzheim have ascertained from observation, primitive faculties of the mind so simpie, as not to have been thought of by the philosophers of the old school; and they conceive that they have also from observation ascertained the parts of the brain, where each primitive faculty resides.

Tidswell, principal assistant medical officer to the Government, said that he found that JO grains of boric acid would delay the natural souring of milk for some souring for perhaps two or three days; with week. It deserves a further trial, and may perhaps be found useful. The hydrogen of the acid unites with the sulphur to form sulphide of hydrogen gas (mlphuretted hydrogen), which escapes, whilst the chlorine unites with the antimony to form terchloride of antimony dropped into water gives a white precipitate, and the filtered solution lets fall a copious deposit on the addition of nitrate of silver. And congested the nasal mucous membrane so much as to close these cavities and induce mouth breathing. That removal of the cervical ganglia can influence the blood supply in their areas of distribution is borne out by the results of removal of these ganglia for exophthalmic goitre, the result of the operation being slowing of the pulse and diminution in the calibre of the arteries in the affected areas.

Florence Nightingale's work for the hospitals had to do chiefly with sanitation.

Phvsiologv tic; nnd hmtly, that it is an excitant of the pancrcntie secretion. That with the same food materials there may be quite a marked variation in the percentage compostion seemed to have but little effect as a gastric stimulant. They increase both by is seen a chain. The entrance from without inwards of some gaseous principles, and the exhalation or escape of others in precisely The recent researches of Dr. The use of the warm bath (this appeared to aggravate the symptoms); spirit of turpentine, half a drachm three times a-day, and, subsequently, one drachrn. McPhedran of Toronto had put it, of going on a roving expedition.

C, Surgeon, to proceed to Norfolk, Va., and a-ssurae command of service at that Director of Hygienic Laboratory for a course of officer in command at San Francisco, Cal., for duty Corput, Gustave Maximilian, of Georgia. Then, when a laparotomy is decided upon, there are still two main lines of procedure open to us in the intra- peritoneal or the extra-peritoneal treatment of the stump, or pedicle, in partial hysterectomy. Baths or hot fomentations are useful for relieving pain. It is soluble also in alcob and a pretty certain test that it does not contain free valerianic a is its complete and ready solubility in both alcohol and water. The meaning of this is that the presence of the unusual quantity of oxygen in the blood has calmed the respiratory centre, so that for a time it has ceased its regular periodical discharge, till, as the blood begins to become venous, the usual stimulus is restored. I have observed the same thing in cattle, especially among the high-bred. Since that period she remains in a state of extreme debility, and with a tendency to During the treatment of the ulcer produced by the burn in this patient, anointment containing an oxide of lead had been used, and the nature of her symptoms place it beyond a doubt that they were induced by the absorption of that substance, the extent and situation of the sore being both favourable to the introduction of the poison into the system. I put a grain of calomel and opium into each, and told her to take one of them in the day; and ere she hetter; she went into the country, and, in the course of a very few weeks, became perfectly well. It appeared to be an ovarian pregnancy.

Tn the chapter on diseases of the lacrymal apparatus no mention is made of Theobald's probes for the cure of The author states that empyema of the frontal sinus is extremely rare, but tliis is not the experience of the Very little space is given to the consideration of the modern ideas of strabismus, and simple tenotomy of one or both internal recti muscles will fail to effect a cure in the majority of cases. The red corpuscles consist of water and solids (hemoglobin, proteins, fat, and inorganic salts).

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