When near vital organs the knife should be held so as to cut outwards; and should any such organ be wounded it produces severe pain, and is cured with difficulty. A leucocytosis is not infrequently present throughout the disease. Umbilical Arteries, which exist only in the foetus, seem, as it were, continuations of the primitive iliacs.

It would be satisfactory to have this principle enforced in a test case for the enlightenment of sanitary authorities generally, but the enforcement is likely to be a troublesome and unprofitable task. Stasis it BOISTOS MEDICAL AND HURGICAL JOUR.,AL can siiow. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL Such fracture authorities as Stimson, Scudder, Cotton and J.

The Mental Automat ism is one of the indirect results of the discharge. Sensation and movement are universally combined in a unitary process which we describe as discriminative reaction. In each ease, a little palling was required to get the openings sufficiently into the wonnd to allow suturing. Muscular strength; from torosus, exertion and of feeling. It is employed in fomentations. If it undergo'cancerous degeneration it is then designated adenocarcinoma. I may be excused for saying that this question has now assumed an aspect'which to me seems almost pitiful.

When such cases were dilated mechanically the effects were produced by the stretching of this, and if his interpretation was correct it seemed warrantable to consider an operation for intractable cases which had to do with the division of the crura, either at their insertions or the bisection of the inner portions of both at the back of the esophagus or some portion of the THE industrial DISEASE REPORTING LAW State Department of Labor. An imaginary sound, like the ringing of a heard in health and in sickness. Who will dare say that patriotism is lacking in Alabama, Florida, New Mexico, the Carolinas, South Dakota and Maine, yet in these states absolutely no casualties whatever have been recorded! Baltimore was, it would seem, the pioneer city in the agitation which has resulted so beneficently, with her ordinance that"no person shall cast, throw, or fire any squib, rocket, cracker, torpedo, grenade, or other combustible or explosive preparation within the city. Albuminuria is present in all severe cases. When small they present a uniform, translucent appearance, but when large the centre undergoes a fibro-caseous change, while at the periphery multiple and may even attain a considerable size without becoming caseous. As shown by Peters and demonstrated by me on all these patients, the red reflex shows clearly through the sclera and the ciliary body stands out quite distinctly. The milk of ewes, buffaloes, and mares, are all stated to have peculiar qualities, and general effects. The n)ost advisable plan for accomplishing this object is merely to pass the j finger round and round within the os and cervix uteri, so as to detach the I so much endangered, as where the membranes are punctured, and the waters The laying of egg.s by animals is termed in French ponte. Bilious diseases are diminished, and phlegm diseases are increased.

The subjects of these malformations do not generally survive more than some months or years, but occasionally patients live to the period of puberty or to early manhood or womanhood, and still more rarely to even more advanced ages. No doubt for those who live in town and drive a pair, a landau very comfortably solves the diflScnlty; hut we do not all drive pairs, nor do we care to drag landaus up hill and down dale all the countiy over.

These are followed when taken into the stomach by diseases of phlegm and wind, and in the intestines, by diseases of the bile and wind. Notch on the superior edge or costa of the scapula, which is converted into a foramen by means of a ligament, and gives passage to the suprascapular Notch, Semilunar of the STERNrir, Fourcliette. Rheumatism weed, a pisser (Canada).