Time will not permit me to discuss the complications or treatment; but if I have pointed out the physical basis, and the organic and physiological laws and conditions which underlie and explain those features of typhoid fever in children which differ from the corresponding features in adults, ray work is done. Again, in our Southern states, or, rather, south of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the Ohio river, the profession, on the other hand, make use of chloroform as the routine practice.

In his case the enlargement of the thyroid was very slight, while the jirotrusion of the eyeballs was very considerable. But in many instances these forms are more or less mixed. No similar evidence exists militating against antibiotic therapy for shigellosis. The distribution of funds will depend upon the urgency of the programs proposed and the enthusiasm of their supporters. Thus a quarter of a grain of emetic tartar (if well prepared) will promote a diaphorefis, if the ikin be kept warm; half a grain will procure a flool or two firft, and fweating afterwards; and a graia will generally vomit, and then purge, and laftly fweat the patient. I recommended a simple liniment to be rubbed on the chest over the seat of pain, and ordered the hypophosphites to be continued. Not only because on that day she was graduated from Barnard with up to for so many years, had proposed last night, and the passion, romance and aroma of that proposal still lingered with her. " The fakes and the quacks may resort to various forms of publicity, The merchant anxious to develop his business takes counsel with the printer and presently appears an announcement that But the doctorman in need of clients, what can he do? Or if the neighborhood expands and with the increased population comes competition, what resort has the old timer? In short what can a doctor do to promote himself and protect his interests? the right sort is entirely proper and quite In this special and interesting occasion he is willing to testify that"it pays to advertise." of professional services kept up his good work without a vacation. Grau, grey; TFacke, a kind of rock.) A term originally used in Germany to designate the coarse grey slaty strata of the Transition rocks; now restricted to the hard,, gritty, metamorphic sandstones of the Silurian, Cambrian, and Hypozoic strata which consist of grains or fragments of various minerals embedded in a hardened siliceous or argillaceous basis. When fresh, this oil is clear emmenagogue and carminative.

The operation of Caesarian section was practised from a very early period both on dead and living women. Thousands of our men are unfit for national service because in the past we have allowed them the"personal liberty" of ruining their own health.

It is deliquescent and very soluble in water, alcohol, and ether.

In the meantime he had become emaciated to a skeleton.

So she supervises the can do that better in a rural community than any one nurse could look school children. Their efferent vessels in part join the intestinal lymphatic trunk, in part the lumbar lymphatic trunk, to empty themselves In Botany, glands consisting of several secreting cells attached to each other. The kala-azar parasite in the salivary glands of bed-bugs caught in a kala-azar house, but experts to whom they have been submitted do not consider the bodies to belong to the Leishmania donovani, although they differ as to what organism possible carrier, while other workers, including the writer of a leading article on open one, requiring combined work of a commission of experts for its solution. When the explosion occurs, something has happened, something terrible has happened. Influenza is constantly present in deaths from this cause in the registration figures do not reflect the degree of infection of the community but rather indicate the greater opportunities for medical attendance in urban centers as opposed to rural.

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