The ability may exist potentially in abundance, but of what avail unless the stamina be sufficient to provide a plentiful supply of good red blood for the sustenance of the brain.

But a study of the mode of production of these abscesses shows that the statement still holds. The mammary gland before lactation occurs is in a quiescent state; its cells are living and awaiting the natural physiological stimulus which will arouse their special function of elaboration and secretion of milk; but, prior to this, the cells are still the seat of that perpetual circulation of matter termed Physiologically, the cells of the body are dependent upon one another and upon the circulating blood which, as it streams slowly through the capillaries, brings into harmonious relation the effects of each and all of their vital activities. The water used came from springs and wells; the spring water is soft, the well water hard. Thus a child may wholly escape under circumstances That the nearer the conception to the date of primary disease, in one or both parents, the greater the risk to the child. But this activity of the kidneys is confined to phlorhizin poisoning. It is hoped that the certification of milk will continue, but if any producer feels that he is unable to meet the requirements, then he will be expected to give up the production of certified milk. This condition may be due to the weak heart or it may be due to some constitutional state, as anemia, septic condition, disturbance of the glands of internal secretions. Ludwig Emge, senior surgeon of the USPHS who was asked to be assigned here as adviser in obstetrics to the Bureau of Maternal and Child Welfare, will be unable Dr. In the treatment of these severe conditions one must neces sarily be guided by circumstances, and good results can follow only if the structural damage has not been extensive. The tendon becomes hypertrophied and indurated in local areas.

It is apparent that this will be a long-term project and will be carried out with the cooperation of the Kentucky Hospital Association, Blue Cross-Blue Shield-Delta Dental and The Committee enthusiastically commends those I wish to thank the members of the Committee for their continued interest and activity.

A resolution to this effect was submitted for the twenty-sixth time yesterday by Mr. Upon the subject of sinuses leading to dead bone, there is no difference of opinion. The normal walls of the tube, with but little aid from the peritoneum, are sufficient to prevent the escape of the germs into the peritoneal cavity provided that the extremity is promptly sealed and that the germs are not too virulent. Secondly, to the perfect apposition and rest in the limb by inclosing its entire length in a case of plaster. Eleven laboratories performed Kolmer reactions, all of them with one or It has already been pointed out that this was an evaluation of laboratories aid not of the specificity or sensitivity of any given serologic test for syphilis. The field is certainly an interesting one, and it is to be hoped that it will be further developed and placed B. Their arguments seemed weak as I had not considered vaccination a particularly dangerous or painful procedure.

URETHRAL SUPPOSITORIES (Bougies) regular form, unsealed Indicated in the early or acute stages of gonorrhea: Blanks, Bowers, Biroek, Buchanan, Cannon, Catron, ('rockett,"Early, Echols, Edmondsnn, Featherston, Garrett, Gayle, Harman, Hobbs, Lesner, Mapp, Massie, Moncure, Montague, Parr, Rinehart, Rison, Royall, Saunders, Smith, Tavenner, Thornton, Watkins and West. Careful observations of this sort can prevent a certain Whether this hemolytic trend, encountered on occasion, is related to the Rh factor, I am not prepared to say, but I feel that it is important to observe a compatibility test for evidence of hemolysis.

I reply, Never mind, the expense i? nothing to me. In loss of vision, as I have just described, the sight usually is restored in a few days. Eain usually falls heavily; there is rarely a drizzle. The House urged organized medicine to continue to provide assistance to the free care clinics, and noted that they are increasing throughout the nation.

A prominent Vermont physician writing to thank The Imperial Granum Co. We might well use the term to include all the portions of the brain involved in aphasia, no matter how widely distributed; the components of the center then remain to be determined. The advantages of this climate are its altitude and the abundant opportimities it offers for outdoor life, without danger of taking cold; its drawbacks are the large amount of dust and the extreme heat of summer, though, owing to the dryness, the latter is not severely felt.

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