Education, environmental measures and medical care should be expanded to reach all who might benefit, closing the gap between what is known to be feasible and what is actually being accomplished at present. Hislop, MD, Port Huron Earl G. The two ependymomas in this series were correctly identified by both ventriculography and photoscan. He believes" it tends in some degree to arrest the progress of the disease in the glands of Peyer, and to promote resolution of the inflamed patches. Today not one of these urchins would turn his head or remove his ever alert faculties from the pensive contemplation of his half-smoked cigarette.

Hospitals of more than two stories ought never to be contemplated.

Certain members of the staff of that institution went to Paris recently to study his methods, and it is understood that his visit to London was made for the purpose of seeing how the treatment is being carried out. There is a fourth, which operate indirectly, by changing that condition of the stomach and bowels on which the generation, and, perhaps, subsistence of the worms By some writers, the preceding division has been though, as each species of worm requires, in a certain degree, peculiar remedies, it will, probably, in a practical view, be more advantageous to treat of them in this last relation. Rizzo (orthopedics), Visiting Clinical Instructor in Surgery Instruction begins in the fourth quarter of the second year. Experiments are said to pi'ove it to be equal, if not superior, to the imported. The so-called reversible action of enzymes deserves special notice, since it throws new light upon the synthetic processes in the organism. The sick-room should, as far as possible, be free from persons who are not of use or comfort to the patient. He referred to the fact that often in the presence of gastric symptoms and a palpable tumor in the abdomen there is the belief that malignancy is present and a wrong prognosis is therefore given. Professor of Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. It would seem impossible to discover by clinical means the minority who retain infection longer and difficult even to differentiate those by whom transmission of infection is likely. Clinically insignificant reductions in arterial responsiveness to norepinephrine have been reported.

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Photographs of intestines operated upon with casts,.showing their caliber at the point of Biliary Drainage in Operations on Gail-Bladder cases in go per cent, of such operations, biliary drainage after operations upon the gall-bladder aiW biliary tract is wise. The results have not been very happy, though it is difficult to justly estimate the true value of each method, from the varying severity of individual cases and of different epidemics. The several substances of the universe co-operate, in a system of natural dependencies. Public Health Service, Atlanta, and the Fulton County (Atlanta) Health who did return had probable reinfections.) Stressing that this is a preliminary report, the authors point out that larger numbers of patients, including women, now need to be tested. From these data it appears that perforation occurs in about one in five fatal cases; and it generally takes place through the ileum near the valve. It is believed to be a material poison.

It is also a bad sign if the exacerbations begin before midday, and only end after midnight. In the meantime his wife, who had been sick a long time, died. Sometimes they give rise to profuse and exhausting bloody discharges from the The eggs of this parasite have embryos developed within them prior to their escape from the parent; and in this respect they differ from the A. The acute lesion has been recovered from, but the articulating surfaces of tlie affected the inflammatory action.

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