The senior and junior classes alternate in the two cities.

It is, however, a different matter when the time of election has passed, when the patient is in labor, and perhaps well advanced in labor, and it is in these cases that the greatest care will always be necessary in order not to subject the patient to an undue risk. The physicians of Texas deeply appreciate the many courtesies of this progressive newspaper, and the Association unanimously voted a vote of thanks to the Post for full and correct reports daily, of this important gathering, the largest assembling of doctors ever held in the South.

The wound was cleansed, when Dr. Patients who have such a condition are difficult operative cases. The sac was very thick, adherent, and was excised with some (iifficutty. Briefs will be prepared and other steps taken so far as possible, which practice requires in the All the lecturers in the department are lawyers actively engaged in the practice of their profession.

FEED ANO ANIMAL FACTORS AFFECTING DRUG-RESISTANCE OF SMALL-SIZED PIROPLASMA AND EXPERIMENTAL TREATMENT OF CATTLE CLINICALLY INFECTED WITH DRUG-RESISTANT VIBRIO FETUS, DIAGNOSIS OF INFECTIONS IN CATTLE BY PRECIPITATION, HEMAGGLUTINATION AND HEMOLYSIS TECHNIQUES. Persoil have succeeded in moderating, others in increasing, tlie; tion of the heart ( He was a ready and fluent speaker, a good debater, familiar with parliamentary rules, and often succeeded in "" carrying his point by the skillful use of this"As a writer, Dr. With regard to the removal of tonsils, he was of the opinion that a diseased tonsil was better out of the throat than in it, and that the whole question revolved around what was a diseased tonsil; he believes an hypertrophied tonsil to urges the careful after-care of the patient, as otherwise cicatrices will form, causing contractions of the pillars, and thus interfering with the patient's voice. The thigh and under the foot in gaining and holding the greatest After the foot has been rendered as flexible as may be by this procedure, it is fixed in the position of greatest correction or overcorrection BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL allowable, by some retentive apparatus. In ascending, the area of this degeneration, as seen in the Weigert preparations, remains narrow in its dorsal half, broadening out a little dorsal to the lateral gray horn, where it joins the fasciculus ventrolateralis superficialis (Gowersi.) (In the Marchi specimens the zone remains narrow until it reaches The shape has completely changed at the level of the third cervical segment.

The crossed pyramidal, Gowers', and the direct cerebellar tracts are greatly degenerated, and the direct pyramidal is also involved. This surrounded a small hard mass probably in the sigmoid.

Normal Histology and Microscopical Anatomy. Post-mortem, a lai'ge calculus was found in the right renal pelvis but the cortex contained many small abscesses. Careful seai-ch may possibly reveal here and there an atrophied This is evidently a case in which compression has played the chief role, but there is some round cell infiltration about the vessels of the pia and certain of those of the cord as far The Marchi stain reveals degenerated fibres scattered all over the transverse area of the cord below the compression, but these are most numerous in the anterior columns.

The sexual, social and religious life of a people are closely interwoven. The Doctor states that his patient claims that this preparation is extremely efficacious.

The structure has inner circular muscular coat and which arise from the median surrounding the mouth of the bile-duct.