Selection of the next meeting place resulted in the unanimous choice of Taos, the meeting to be held some time in June, the date to be selected by President Marlin and Secretary Cohenour. Mot'on was made, seconded and carried that the secretary write a letter to the organization asking that a member of its Board of Directors appear before the society and explain further its was reported upon favorably by the Board of Censors, and he was unanimously elected to membership in the Society.

This is usually the case with the hearts of embryos, as they die with the ventricles contracted and the auricles filled with blood.

Corcoran: I think there is often an increase in the amount of the menstrual flow at the time of the menopause in cases in which there is no disease. In these opinions of Weismann, Kolliker, His, Pfliiger, Ziegler, and other eminent anatomists and physiologists concur. Tetanus has its characteristic microbe, which has been recognized, isolated, described and reproduced by artificial culture.

Benjamin Rush was a voluminous writer and a famed physician.

There was no generalized peritonitis. Yet there may be bilateral blindness or amblyopia. Used in a liquid form, it is dissolved in either carbon bisulphide, oardon tetrachloride, benzol or naphtha. Excisions at the Knee Joint for shot injury on the occasions named and PLATE LXXI. Should the perforation close before the symptoms have disappeared, paracentesis is repeated.

It was the introduction of radioimmunoassay (RIA) that made the measurement of insulin in the body practical. The patient was conveyed head, neck, and great trochanter were removed in the usual way, through a single straight incision of moderate extent over the trochanter and in a line with the axis of the femur.

GLYCOSURIA OF PREGNANCY AND THE PUERPERAL STATE. Professor Steidele, who every day, after the clinic, gave a lecture in surgery and a course in operations on cadavers. Herrick's specimen it is interesting to note that of Grenouiller's nineteen cases, gumma was found nine times in the wall of the left ventricle and but once in the septum, six times in the wall of the right ventricle, twice in the wall of the right auricle, and once in the wall of the left auricle. "The law looks upon the strict physical injury alone," Justice Barrett says,"and the proximate consequences of the negligent act; not upon the secondary ailment resulting from the primary mental suffering. Previous to the anesthetization she had been in excellent condition, but she vomited immoderately after it. " Darwin, with the clear insight of the naturalist, fully recognized the meaning of facial expression, or more properly, physical expression. The Source Bonnevie, according to an analysis of the prescribed to supplement the rigorous cure at Aix-lesBains. This particular lamp has now been in almost daily use for a year past; it gives out a light equal to eight candles. We believe there is some bone destruction in the posterior cells of the right side. Dreams often afford instances of all the physical manifestations of fear, with no adequate cognitive process.

About the third day after this operation, after a number of expulsive pains, there was a discharge of a thin, very offensive fluid from the vagina, estimated by the niwse as at least a pint.

The profes.sor German became the official language for lectures and Doctors' examinations. When a body is taken from the water, naked, and without traces of violence, the presumption is inevitable that the case is an accident. He commonly walked with a cane.

The wound was now thoroughly washed out, and approximated by three stitches, and by adhesive strips. Tion of the medical director, according to the distance to be travelled and the character of the cases to be transported.

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