In children the bone grows over the band, and includes it. In this connection I would first direct attention to the influence of (a) laryngitis and bronchitis. Some time ago I received a letter from the Henry Ford Hospital, in Detroit, stating that their trial of the so-called'Towns treatment' had not proved a success. Almost always more sensitive than the newborn to the toxin-antitoxin inixture.

Johns Hopkins body produced by stimulation of the superior cervical sympathetic die Wirkungsweise des Chlorbaryum, Adrenalin und Pepton Witte body and its occurrence among the hydrolytic decomposition BIOGRAPHY OF SIR WILLIAM OSLER Lady Osier has requested me to prepare a biography of her husband, and I will be most grateful to anyone who chances to see this note, for any letters or personal reminiscences, or for information concerning others who may possibly supply letters.

"Place me," replied Omar,"where of Omar's inspiration and of the esteem in which that source was I wonder often what the Vintner's buy One half so precious as the Stuff they sell. C, with equally despotic power; and Whereas, This inimical intrigue, aye, cruel conspiracy, is wholly composed of regular allopathic doctors, safely estimated at forty thousand in number, whose tyrannies have become so intolerable to their former allies, the homoeopaths and eclectics, that their national and state societies have passed ringing resolutions repudiating the Whereas, These so-called boards of health have ever been utilized as inquisitorial thumb-screws for the persecution and punishment of so-called irregulars, thereby menacing the public health as does no Whereas, All such enactments in the sole interest of a single school is class legislation, hence unconstitutional; therefore be it Resolved, That it is the unquestionable duty of all good citizens to unitedly and persistently denounce and oppose these iniquities instigated and insisted upon by the regulars only. This mass of coagulated blood was of in-egular form and nearly as large as a man's fist.

Until, for those of these people who are not congenitally defective or diseased, there is provided not only adequate education in scientific morality but facilities for healthy recreation, it will not be possible to dispense with legal regulation of the freedom of recourse to alcoholic beverages of dipsomania.

These features of the case exclude tricuspid insufficiency. The most frequent picture presented by them is one of delirium and confusion, which we have hitherto designated as an'infective exhaustive' type. In Spain and France it is a common practice. Thus a mass action would cause the spermatozoa carrying the larger member of the heteromorphic pair to deliver more injured chromatin and the other spermatozoa with a less total amount of injured chromatin would deliver less when they fertilize eggs containing equal amounts of normal chromatin. Abbott could perform these same feats when she was a mere child, and she comes North indorsed by many prominent citizens of the South.

He doubted the correctness of the statement made by Dr. We are still in doubt as to the relation that the influenza bacillus has to the in favor of the influenza bacillus was its presence in almost every case. Kretschmer" claims to have observed by the use of radiograms on the human subject that solutions of thorium, collargol or cargentos occasionally find their way from the bladder into the renal pelvis by regurgitation. He demonstrated that a rigid dechlorinized diet combined with the bromide twenty-four hours) in an epileptic will yield the following modifications: The urea and the phosphates in the urine are eliminated in much larger the improvement has been constantly followed the withdrawal of sodium attacks ceased completely; in the The hypnotic luminal, which differs from veronal only in that one ethyl group has been replaced by one phenyl group, has been used extensively recently instead of the liromides.

The Supply Priorities and Allocation Board is apparently determined not to underestimate the job it effort to cooperate in the present national effort and to continue to merit the preferential treatment that we are receiving at the hands of the recent Atlantic City convention should become the guide of all hospitals.

Purgatives are beneficially associated with hyoscyamus; thirty drops of the fluid extract or half a grain of the solid alcoholic extract will obviate any unpleasant influence from a An important new remedy has been lately introduced under the name of Pancrobilin. Then, after the tumor dislocates laterally and becomes more superficial, its removal will be easier and safer, particularly if the artery has been tied at the time of decompression. Epileptics exhibiting cranial asymmetry or anomalies of development or wellmarked intellectual or moral perversions are notoriously patients admitting only the most pessimistic prognosis.

Surgical paraphernalia in daily use are sterilized with the warmed formaldehyde vapors, while other material is sterilized in the cold, being left in the box for forty-eight hours. Say you saw it in the NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Simple hyperacidity is quickly, effectively controlled with Say you saw it in the NEW YORK STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE Bleeding as a Late Sequela of Gastroenterostomy and Subtotal Gastrectomy of the Billroth II Type for Duodenal Ulcer, Sigmund Mage, M.D., and Ralph Increase in Height and Weight Among the Underprivileged, Samuel C. The present treatise, among other advantages, offers that of including both subjects in one volume. It is not hard to imagine how the old city became buried. Lancereaux,' however, has recently reported on an instance of hemothorax caused by a penetrating war wound of the chest in which the bloody fluid contained spirochsetes in large numbers apparently in the absence of other micro-organisms. H., thirty-five years of age, a severe form of neurasthenia, strychnine injections formed part of the treatment during twelve days. The results of operative Treatment. Baker, the distinguished Michigan sanitarian, contributes an able essay upon the" Relations of Schools to Diphtheria, and to similar Diseases," which contains many suggestions in regard to this important branch of hygiene which concerns so vitally the entire coming generation of American men and women.

The testicle remains immovable, while the epididymis becomes more movable and floats in the cavity of the tunica. Jarvis goes further to prove that if England owes the superiority of her turnip crop for coarse-woolled sheep to the moisture of her climate, for the same reason she can never supply her own manufacturers with fine wool. But this much I am sure of: he has rendered a real service in his compilation and evaluation in the past few years of the facts of the pathology of a disease whose morbid anatomy, it seems to me, is uniquely difficult to set down in clear-cut terms.

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