Cured through its instrumentality U divested of the heaviness and stupor usually the effect of Opium, and tlie patient, thout-'b taking it continuously, is careers left in free possession of his faculties.

From iK liLMiig finuid (n meet Cholera in will be found not to const ip'itc llKboucls, and to keep any time in any C'ough, wherein many have found it a f,-reat hlessinir, in InHiienza, Gout, Tic Douloureux, portal (!liolera, and Rnwel Complaints. I hope it was worth it for you because it employees certainly was for me. Tebb is premature, if not unjust, in his criticism of the work of the Leprosy Investigation Committee and the Leprosy Commissioners, using at times expressions of unnecessary force.

Wade, who lives at Watervliet, was not able to be present, but the other two gentlemen participated in the festivities. Posterior to the uterus, crowded well down in Douglas's culde-sac, we were able to make out the sutures of the foetal head. Although previous to this time the communicability of disease from one individual to another was recognized, the direct causation was not known and prevention was not considered, with perhaps a few When we take into consideration the fact that fifty per cent, of all maladies are extrinsic and preventable, we can better realize the physician's relation to the public. The child's environment is employment receiving more and more attention every year, on account of the growing conviction that heredity has been much overworked in accounting for juvenile depravity.

No eflfects of the dread poison were ever discovered on either of us. The gelatinous material is more abundant in the deeper and older parts of the tumour, which at its circumference overhangs a strip of apparently healthy mucous membrane. The gland otherwise was much enlarged, and felt spongy. Surgical injuries to the ureter during fistula great care must be taken to have the urine sliould be first tried. The loop is kinked, but there is not complete obstruction. For these reasons the author has for many years made use of the knee-elbow position for suitable cases of this description (

In them we find forms entirely unusual in the manimifera; the bones of the face become decomposed and re-iniitcd to siu'h a point, that the individuality of physicians the osseous species of the niammifiTa becomes very often doublfid. For years certain clinicians have realized that syphilis is a disease of the family rather than of the individual; but it was not until the advent of the Wassermann test that it was appreciated how etensive prenatal infections are and that an apparently healthy child may harbor the organism. He referred to the fact that surgeons of the present day were not as good anatomists as in years gone by, although as pathologists they were vastly superior to the surgeons of old. It is, however, cerebral and orbital'tumors which especially produce, by pressure on the optic nerve, changes in its histological condition. X-rays in enlarged or over-active thymus gives most remarkable results, both in the child and adult.

In addition to a large number of myelocytes and lymphocytes, linkedin there were many very large mononuclear leukocytes. He gave a subcutaneous injection of sulphate of morphia, one fourth of a grain, and, as his bowels had been constipated for several days, a powder of by a Rochelle powder.

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