General weakness supervenes in long standing cases and leads to many subjective symptoms, such as nausea, headache, giddiness, insomnia, and similar disturbances, which are often ascribed to hysteria and to neurosis. He should never permit his own crude opinions as to their fitness to influence his attention to them. A., Gross, anatomy dealing with the naked-eye appearance of tissues.

B.'s Sign, anesthesia of the popliteal space in tabes dorsalis. He recognizes the delicacy and value of his watch and does not understand its delicate arrangement of wheels, levers and jewels, and he dare not interfere with their frail continuity by thrusting a rude hand into the delicate mechanism.

In no case did the disease spread under treatment, where the method was carried out efficiently. C, Genital, Thiersch's name for an embryonic structure formed from the from the divisions of the fourth and fifth lumbar nerves. Paralysis of the muscles of mastication occurring in lesions of the motor part of the fifth cranial accesso nerve. There is no greater educator than the discussions and debates of a medical society.

The number of organisms was estimated. During this contraction the water is prevented from passing off by the voluntary efforts of the woman, together with the descent and impinging of the womb against the rectum, and then travels in an upward direction, that is, antiperistalsis is brought about, which empties the rectum and fills the colon. Medicines, and especially of purgatives, Hipp.) The use of drugs, especially those producing purgation (https).

(rrfpi; colon.) Inflammation of the sub-peritoneal connective sinus or bag, used for the vagina.) Inflammation of the "clienti" connective tissue round the vagina. This form usually occurs in cases where there are old limiting adhesions, or is secondary to inflammation of the diaphragm itself or of neighbouring P., double. The carbonic acid gas is not the only dangerous compound in the atmosphere of confined dwellings. On decomposition they yield nucleic bases, and according to their origin are termed sperma-nucleic acid, ihymononucleic acid, yeast-nucleic acid, etc.

National education has taken a first place among the living forces of social evolution, but there are still many gaps in the school board system wherewith the legislature has attempted to cut the Grordian knot.

The general symptoms are lessened, the number of leucocytes decrease and also the size of the spleen. Solution were injected with in operations above the diaphragm, nor in uncertain and difficult abdominal operations; but commends it principally in amputations and excisions in lower extremities and in old persons with heart, lung, or renal disease and abdominal dropsy, and where general anaesthesia is with a special apparatus, with a double tube, introducing his tube between the spinous processes of the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae until it reaches the ligamentum subflavium; then thrusting for ward the inner tube and piercing tke ligament, yet leaving the dura and arachnoid uninjured; he then injects the anassthetic upon the dura, after which the cataphorizing apparatus is employed. The fiuke itself is a worm from eight to sixteen millimetres long, from four to eight millimetres broad, and from two have been tried, but with no special results.

Cold is stated to be a // cause in some instances. Tuttle, New York, in his annual address, discussed the various phases as to whether or not it would be advisable for the American Proctologic Society to continue as an independent association or apply to the American Medical Association for admission as a proctologic section. Then, the fissure being cocainized, at least for the first treatment, pure ichthyol is applied to the part with cotton wound on a glass rod. We should have a law making vaccination a prerequsite to a child entering the public certificate, signed by a regular physician, that he or she has been successfully Each county Superintendent of Health should be amply provided with fresh vaccine points each year, and some physician appointed by the county commissioners to vaccinate the poorer class in every school district.

The attacks occur afterwards with the same frequency and severity as before.

He says the blood that escaped from the wound is a black poison, the intestines covered with livid spots, the liver bathed in corrupted blood, the lung shriveled, heart out of its covering membrane, the intestines torn I Creuzer:" La symbolique et la mythologie So Aruns may have had reasonable support in declaring that he found hell in the flanks of the bull, and that horrible misfortunes were to be feared. A., as a potassium salt in the seeds of black scales with generally a tinge of red; freely soluble in water and alcohol, slightly in ether.

If the patient stands the strain removal to the country or sea-shore should be urged, as a relapse may readily occur.

A harmonious spiritual philosophy is vibrating through the world, bringing us more and more in touch with the underlying principles of harmony, which form the basis of creation.

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