The clinical characteristics are as follows: progressive and persistent jaundice, enormous enlargement of the liver, enlarged spleen, absence of ascites and collateral circulation, little haemorrhage, average duration three to eight years. If the Syllabus attacks the organization of the S'ate, the State ought to attack the Syllabus: On auscultation, fine rales, indicating congestion and oedema of the lung, are found over a somewhat limited area. Here I allowed matters to go on naturally, with my eyes open, and as a matter of scientific curiosity. I am not needed by the industries, and I am quite confident that the industries can get along without sent out by the Board of Standardization from Washington? (Twenty How many of you are in industries and should have received these, but haven't? (Forty-three raise hands.) Therefore, if both you and the Board of Standardization's report are correct, it is not giving a correct view of the opinions of this Association on the questions asked. Further, the growth of the germ in the body is localized, and where localized the necrotic areas are apparent, so that the fairest test was to bring the substance as soon as possible in contact with the tissue. Inquiries at Portland, exported in refrigerators under exclusive contracts. In more recent times, however, comparatively large portions of the bladder have been removed on account of prolapsus without a fatal In order to answer, on the ground of practical experience, the following questions, I have excised larger or smaller portions from the of the bladder, if properly stitched, a tendency to heal? Four of the seven dogs recovered. A study of the report of the Bureau of the Census, which contains more statistics relative to the blind than any other publication, brings out very clearly how meager are the actual known facts in connection with the Causes of Blindness.

It is admirable and the information it undertakes to supply is both extensive and trustworthy. The footlights are ventilated into a horizontal duct, in which the gas-pipe is laid, thus heating the gas before it is burned. Iodide of potassium may be prescribed during the intervals when Under the influence of this treatment (which is described in the Appendix), we often witness the disappearance of the acute pains of syphilitic aortitis, and of the headache due to cerebral arteritis; we can also master cervico-brachial or intercostal neuralgia, which sometimes accompanies the growth of aneurysm. On the third day the symptoms became worse, and she was admitted to hospital.

Hiram tribuiion of the printed proceedings of the society: It would occupy too much time for me, to-day, to allude to all the facts connected with this point. I have often seen delirium tremens follow erysipelas and bronchitis, and injuries both slight and grave, and also on acute albuminuria, and I suppose that all acute diseases of drinking men may be followed and sometimes preceded by delirium tremens. The chief of these alluded to, for example, as in ompouud and comminuted fractures, saber a id bullet wounds, or in other wounds involving the skin and subjacent structures, and requiring frequent ablution or dressing, without disturbing the general position or con dition of the limb, will be sought for in vain A wound may be clearly seen and freely syringed or sponged, and receive other local treatment through the wire-gauze, even when situated on tht posterior or lateral aspect of the limb, without disturbing its position in the slightest uncomfortable degree. Early treatment by someone who understands the treatment. An operation for cicatricial contractures of the upper Truesdale, P. This opinion has been upheld by Wickham Legg and Talamon. The appearance of thrush in the mouth is preceded by a peculiar state of the mucous membrane, which is dry, shiny, and painful.


Has lost one pound in weight, but has had diarrhoea, more or less constantly, of skim-milk for breakfast; has now no thirst, and feels and.looks fresh and well. From that date, no change has taken place in this gentleman's condition: he is still an inmate of the Asylum, and his condition is fully described by likening him to a good but densely stupid boy.

The The mildness of the English climate permits the use of open grates, which with us are necessarily replaced by the more powerful apparatus, stoves and furnaces and steam-heaters. The softening property is that for which arsenic should be employed, either to recover animals that have been hardened, and corrugated in alcohol, or to enable one to proceed with elaborate dissections of nerves which must necessarily be never allowed to do any mischief, occasionally washed away, then renewed, and so on; and the nerves, under its well regulated influences, were as tough as copper wire, and although very delicate in appearance, would bear pulling and stretching were dissolved, either in one quart of water or two quarts; they quantity of corrosive sublimate, and water.

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