En passant at this point permit me to remark that I have no patience with the practitioner who permits himself to be overcome by a membership physical, mental and scientific inertia, so that he can sit idly by and trust entirely to the?'lis medicatrix natures. The changes in other organs did not present anything of special interest bearing upon the case, there being only those which are most frequently met with as a result of chronic Was the gangrene caused by pressure on the oesophagus? In the absence of any other cause, and in consideration that the gangrene was limited to that part of the oesophagus underlying the heart, while the cervical portion was' healthy, we are inclined to answer in the affirmative; nevertheless, the fact that the pressure must have been very much relieved with every contraction of the heart, and the frequency with which we have met cases of extensive cardiac dilatation, without ever s"eeing one in which deglutition was rendered difficult, would make us fain discover some other cause than that which was had had an offensive discharge from the right ear for a year, Three weeks before admission into the hospital he was seized with severe pain in the affected ear and side of the head, with a hot and dry skin, and vomiting and drowsiness ( The use of the steam bath and active cathartics are the best and quickest means of accomplishing that end ( To assume temporary command of service at Port Townsend, Wash., during absence of Passed Assistant Surgeon regular olficer of the service, to rejoin station at Stapleton, Staten Island, N. However, since the causes of Addison's disease, as far as we are acquainted with them, are equally operative here as in other countries, it seems more probable that the apparent frequency of its occurrence in England, especially in London, is partly due to the great degree of attention which the subject has there received and to the greater readiness with which it would consequently be recognized.

The following members were chosen Censors for the ensuing year: It was moved and carried that a vote of thanks be tendered to the On motion, the Society adjourned to meet at the time of Medical with great satisfaction to your Address to the graduates of the Medical Society, we would respectfully solicit a copy for publication with iU Society, presented by them through you, that a copy of my Address to: The hurts thus produced are real' wind contusions,' not mythical ones, like the wounds which have sometimes been attributed to'vent de boulet.' They are met with under various circumstances in military practice. In Crimean days, when the cylindro-conoidal bullets fired from the muzzle-loader Enfield rifle were apt to become lodged in limbs, it frequently happened that one of these projectiles would afford evidence of its having made a partial revolution of this kind from the base of the bullet, instead of its vertex presenting itself beneath the integument at the opposite side of the limb to that at which it entered.

After lasting for several months the affection terminated in heart-failure; the temperature in one case falling to the post-mortem was made there were no tubercles At the meeting two cases of great interest were presented by members of the Section. 'I'hc scruui pecting a decrease in the number of bacilli, but found them more numerous than at any previous examination. Reasoning by analogy, we are warranted in assuming that this new, highly infectious, and rapidly growing tissue gives off, probably by means of its microbes, a poison which diffuses itself through the system. (Section in Orthopedic Surgery); Clinical Society of the Xew York Post-graduate Medical School and Hospital; Baltimore Clinical Society; ChicagoGynaecological Society. - true, he was a Humoral pathologist, in the fullest sense of the term; yet his pathology of disease, although simple, was the result of close observation. Slightly into the temporo-iiferior quadrant by the external rectus and the soperior oblique muscles. The American Physiological Association was Everett, Mass., was born in Londonderry, Vt., June and its convalescent stages developed serious complications of the heart and liver, with dropsical symptoms. The man declared he had had no Sketch showing the relative positions of the money about him previously to the injury, nor even a trouserpocket capable of containing any. For a long time I have had this apparatus in use.

Once again, therefore, arouse, ye.strong men of the Southwest! The following Circular was sent us by Dr. I am firmly convinced that one or the other of these two diseases is frequently diagnosticated and treatment instituted which is soon followed by a perfect recovery, and true cases are seen presenting the same trains of symptoms apparently, the same treatment is instituted and recovery does not speedily follow, in fact, the diseases go through all their terrible stages. Linked bullets of this kind were used by the matchlock men in Oude during the Indian the war, stated that' a cartridge has been found in the pockets of French prisoners, the ball of which is divided into sixteen segments, and loosely joined again. Over this are laid five or six thicknesses of Lister's gauze, and over the first thickness of the Lister's gauze (the one nearest the wound surface) is dusted a liberal quantity of pulverized iodoform or equal portions of iodoform and boracic acid: 'J'he greater part of the company was promptly moved, October and company property. Loss Prevention Case of the Month Close Counts Only in Horseshoes physician complaining of numbness in her right knee and toes, which had developed fairly suddenly about three months before. It will be seen by the weather curve that the rain was exceedingly light, with not a strong depression in the barometer.

About March ist, he experienced a sharp pain situated between inferior angle of left scapula and vertebral column, at times shooting up to the left shoulder: It might form a comparatively narrow band which was not raised above the surface of the epicardium; or, again, it might appear as a high, irregular, almost pediculated projection rising from a compact base above of the vessel but might extend a considerable distance or, on the other hand, there might bo an oval patch over The early stages of the process leading to the supraarterial nodules presented a tissue richer in cells, both fibroblasts and lymphoid cells, situated superficially to the vessel and on its epicardial side. We have extended these remarks so far as to leave very little space for any detailed account of the treatise on which we have commented. We have not space to consider more than that portion of it which relates to explosions of mixtures Illuminating gas such as is supplied to towns is not dn itself explosive, as Professor Mimroe remarks, and can not even be ignited save in the presence of a supporter of combustion, such as atmospheric air. There were also cases of confusion with agitation, with and without delusions; finally cases occurred without hallucinations.