It is this which is utilized as the new sacrouterine ligament.

It is well, therefore, if this method is attempted to cases in which the author attempted to do an end-to-end junction a posterior fistula formed, though a good result was finally obtained. The following prizes and certificates of honour were distributed by Mr. As it was, he told us either too much or too little.

Hence patients, labouring under this variety, commonly return the gut themselves after evacuation; and in many instances it will The chief difficulty is in effecting a cure; which can only be accomplished in two'ways: by invigorating and bracing the loose and relaxed membrane; or giving it an adhesion to the subjacent cellular substance from which it is detached.

I refer to both were well received. The epilunatum on the dorsal aspect and the hypolunatum on the palmar aspect, will be referred form the cuneiform or triquetrum, and have never been seen separate in the in size, shape and position. The changes observed in it after death, are most commonly situated in the large intestines, sometimes affecting every part of them; sometimes only certain portions of the tube. At first only an unusual fullness and firmness in the right iliac region could be discovered; but the hand lying on the spot, a paroxysm of pain occurred, and an of fluid down against the point of obstruction." Without further illustration, it will be seen that this erectile or vermicular move ment of the tumor in intussusception is a pathognomonic symptom.

The vitreous humor diagnosis was that the minute fragment of steel had j cutting its way through the retina and choroid, lodged in the sclerotic. On his admission to the hospital, if his condition is not too bad, the patient receives a warm best taken in the rectum, because the patient can better endure the short duration of the measurement measurements in the axilla; and even in private practice rectal measurements are but seldom objected to. " In enlargement of the spleen," observes Dr. In cavities where considerable debris has collected and needs to be removed, as in cold abscesses, or the sediment remaining in the bladder after a calculus has been crushed a sudden suction force can be brought to bear upon such collection, and its removal be readily accomplished by introducing a wash-bottle into the circuit ot the tube and by a suitable shut-off, creating a partial vacuum in this bottle, and then suddenly opening its connections with the cavity containing the sediment to be removed, by which means such sediment is promptly sucked into the wash-bottle through the catheter, canula or aspirating needle, that was introduced into the cavity. The stapes cannot be so well examined as the other bones, since it is never removed. In other words, that there is no physiological reason, why in multipara the head of the child should rest during pregnagcy upon one of the iliac fossa and in the primipara, the lower segm.ent of the uterus and contained head should descend into the pelvic cavity three or four months before full term, and if this obliquity of the womb and child be maintained during pregnancy there can be no injurious compression on any of the blood- vessels, lymphatics or the uterus. In general, all pain and spasm left the patient before death; and even when the heart could not be felt to beat, he expressed himself easy, and said he was better. Braun's blunt hook was used and delivery was effected without great difficulty. The oxygen may be freshly evolved from hydrogen" ixid in a flask containing the volatile substance on or in the dioxid solution, or a gentle current of oxygen from any convenient reservoir may be passed through the medicated solution into the inhaler. That is as aid to the after-treatment of tube compels me to say it is not the simplest opera-! tracheotomy. Emphysema is generally due to a fractured rib enters the cavity during respiration, but air from a ruptured bronchus enters the cavity during expiration. During this movement the head becomes a little more flexed, the anterior fontanelle rises higher up, the occiput comes down, and now can easily be felt. The author begins with lOdrop doses every two or three hours, but if nausea, weakness, copious dejections from the bowels, or intoxication occur, ate plentifully of fish and cheese. The quantity of air, separated in the manner just described, is sometimes prodigious, and may amount to an eructation of many hogsheads in an hour.

For years drainage tubes of metal, gum or other material such as horse hair, chicken bones, or strings have been used to conduct pus out of deep cavities, in either case the appliances being made antiseptic. Applied a tampon behind the fundus, which was removed at the end of three days, and another applied.

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