Only thus can room be made for the interne when his hospital course is AMOURS OF THE AGED AND THEIR COST. He was perfectly comatose; his skin excessively hot to the touch, especially the scalp; the face dark with venous blood, and the pulse rapid, weak, and irregular.

Belonging thus to the limited class of saline acidulous the large proportion of iron which it contains, it must necessarily produce on the organisation an effect rivalling that of the chalybeate and acidulous springs most in request, wliile the saline elements which it contains render it equal to the most celebrated alkaline spas." The sprhigs are sitiuvted in a meadow about half-a-mile may be seen coming in turns to the fountains, and receiving, draughts. In looking over the list we find delegates from the counties of Marshall, Tippah, Alcorn, Lowndes, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Lauderdale, Kemper, Clarke, Hinds, Warren, Madison and others. As before said, the vesicles sometimes degenerate into pustules; but this is by no means a common phase of the disorder, and both Professor Simonds and Mr. Ordel states in conclusion that, although one is not justified in drawing absolute conclusions from so small a number of cases, yet the results obtained appeared to hold forth the hope of the possibility of an early diagnosis in this TREATMENT AND PREVENTION OF DIPHTHERIA THE British Ministry of Health has issued a small pamphlet on points in regard to this disease which at this time of the year is liable to make its apfjearance in various parts of the Dominion.

How many noble minds are compelled to submit unwillingly to this degradation! Some do it indignantly, some cynically, and some have the amusement from it.

Prophylaxis was not an encouragement for improper sexual intercourse, it was merely a protection against disease, and if venereal disease was on the increase in our country to-day after all the efforts of the different organizations, he thought that every rational means should be taken to head off infections in every possible way. The onset of the disease is frequently insidious owing to the so commonly slow progression in the earlier stages of its development, no less than to the protean character of the symptoms. If the view, is accepted that all infectious diseases are due to micro-organisms or germs, then a disinfectant is equivalent to a germicide. Ozone and antozone, or hydrogen peroxide, are usually present in the atmosphere in varying proportions.

There is no fear in consequence of this latter property, in removing hair sutures that the line of union which these firmly induce without irritation, will be torn or broken as Upon the eye and its appendages, where sutures are required, as in coaptating the lax folds of the conjunctiva after operations for enlarging the palpebral fissure for removal of intra orbital tumors, in silk, flax or cotton threads. Both recovered; and as it is my intention to make this the subject of a separate paper, I will not trouble you at present with further remark. The discoloration is well defined. Family life with its service for others and its simple life was richest in the awe and mystery and wonder of its dreams and ideals; no one was rich without these, and no one was poor who had them.

The first signal is usually breathlessness. On dividing the mylo-hyoid muscle, a large loculated cyst was exposed resting on the left genio-hyo-glossus and pro jecting toward the floor of the moutli with the mucous membrane stretched over it. No evidence of unusual congestion in the venous system within the abdomen. The bora is a colol, dry wind coming down from the Alps and continuing across the Adriatic. This is improbable, because virgins and men may also develop at times large breasts.

He is the eldest of the three operated on. KOSEL, Publisher, KEMPTEN (Bavaria), Privy Chamberlain to the Pope and Pastor of Worishofen lives and how best to bring up their children. Although I tested her for sacro-iliac disease then, I could not detect any. Occasionally small ulcers are situated on the epiglottis and other parts of the larynx, and along the course of the mucous membrane; rarely, however, do they extend as far as the bronch'.

The first operation in this manner recovered and two died.

His pupils gradually dilated and became slower in their response to light, and his eyes were suffused. Nephritis after scarlet fever, dropsy, pleurisy, uraemia, improvement.

The other professor you mention name the most reliable late work on Diseases of Children."" How much must I send you to procure for me a knife suitable for opening abscesses, whitlows, etc."" A person complains of the deposit, somewhere in the posterior narcs, of a semi-solid, yellowish- white substance of a disagreeable, undescribable odor ( The danger of inducing haemorrhage by syringing and disturbing the firm terminal clot in the hinder end of the lateral sinus or in the petrosal sinuses must be put into the opposite side of the balance, but no such accident has yet happened.

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