He thinks the operation is best performed while the patient is standing. This disturbance, if judiciously produced, tends to re-establish or to ameliorate the lost or impaired function of the motor nerves and muscles. WOOD'S MEDICAL AND SURGICAL MONOGRAPHS.

The Journals contain more than the usual amount of original suggestions upon this subject, for this month; and we shall here quote a few remarks and ideas, in addition Dr.

Microscopic examination of this tissue stained with hsematoxylin and eosin showed a fibrous-tissue network that was quite thick in areas closely packed; some of these cells showed mitotic figures, and some of the islands of cells were entirely necrotic; others showed central necrosis with signs of phagocytic action. And diagnosis of pneumonia, i.or shall I consider to any great extent the symptoms. The etiology of pelvic cellulitis has been an un settled question, and even now all do not agree, bnt the preponderance of evidence and authority makes it almost if Dot altogether certain that micro-organisms are responsible for this localized type of inflammation. One of my patients who had miscarried three times previously took aletris cordial during the last three months of pregnancy and was delivered of a fine healthy boy. Lasegue seems not to have known of the reference to this morbid condition made from an independent point of view.

At the time of my visit the establishment contained only one convalescent patient, and I was told that only acute cases are treated in the hospital; the others being removed to The establishment contains also a lying-in hospital, and on the premises there is a steam-mill for grinding the corn, and a bakery for preparing the bread used in this hospital and all the other public institutions in the city. Of the cases of ununited fracture Dr.

Even in an ordinary.t--ray examination of the heart one may observe in nervous patients a reduction of the heart mass. - it is the custom in the Mayo Clinic not to repeat the treatment until an interval of three months For its employment special training in Rontgen technique is necessary; but in order to determine the indications for such treatment, the gynecologist should make the differential diagnosis. Two further sittings were given and complete cure obtained.

The proposal is, that the prescriber should call attention to an unusual dose by adding, on the same line, his bracketed initials, thus (F. The cross-striations disappear and the sarcolemma nuclei are markedly increased. It is but just to remark that at the other Dispensaries the disease has not presented itself in the same numbers as in that under the charge of Dr.

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