Patients with gonorrhea who are suspected of concurrent syphilitic infections should syphilis are suspected, // dark-field examination should precede use of penicillin. Four infants required standard surgical procedures were used, with the http following exceptions. A few cases of so-called agraphia are on record, but the inability to write has always been accompanied or preceded by some aphemic defect. When we had cured our first case, we certainly did not expect the renewal of hair, and were not a little agreeably disappointed. Again, some writers would have us believe that the tuberculous patient was closely akin at least to the syphilitic one, or vice versa; and thirdly, there is a wellgrounded belief with pathologists that innocent or simple ulceration may at any time take on proportions of malignancy. Ic) Interference with the blood-supply of the stump in such manner that gangrene of the bowel follows with death by peritonitis. At this point, however, Kocher appears to have some misgivings as to the sufficiency of so simple a procedure; for he now tightens the aponeurosis of the external oblique by means of a single row of sutures each including about an inch in its grasp, so that when these sutures are tied this inch is drawn together and laid down as a dense fascial mass over the canal.

The success was considered a matter of certainty ab initio, demonstrating a pledge for unanimity of purpose and action in our The Library must claim a passing notice.

Plasters are rarely used in veterinary practice, but their employment, especially in wounds in the lower portions of the extremities, may with advantage be preferred to that of sutures, as they cause no blemish. It has been this shortness up to quite recently that prevented general adoption of nitrous oxide in enucleating the tonsils; but now thanks to the perfection and publication by Dr. THE universal publicity given to the the World War undoubtedly directed greater attention in the United its mysterious possibilities, and the chemical industry, with its opportunities for production control of trade therewith, than any other agency in modern time. Some have their mouths in the form of a sucker, by which they fasten on the skin; others are free, and have no sucker. In the interval between the convulsions there was no return of consciousness.

By Olof Hammarsten, emeritus professor of medical and physiological chemistry in the University of Upsala; with the collaboration of S. In a word, the sanitary condition of these people is always a degraded one. I have several times found the ileo-cecal landmark in both adult and infant cadavers just under the liver. These are inflammation, with pain, and perhaps The inflammation is the result of the injury, and, except in cases where the textures involved have become torn, lacerated, or crushed, it is the only morbid condition present in the early It is of the utmost importance to bear this in mind, as by proper attention to the animal, alterations of structure may be prevented; whereas if he be now neglected, worked from day to day, and otherwise improperly treated, organic changes ensue, rendering the lameness incurable, or curable only by a lengthened process of repair. The car has traveled over the Sante Fe, the Union Pacific, the Missouri Pacific, and the Rock Island. This is of interest since it is known that over exposure of patients to radium results in changes in the blood, such as marked reduction in the lymphocytes. Lie walked like an old man, or like a little child learning to walk. To understand them, it is essential to acquire a mass of facts derived from folk-lore, mythology, historical and pre-historical traditions, which to most of us is apparently an impossible task.

Golden have been mail the years of your life for half a century. The large arteries of tbo extremities arc to a considerable extent protected against being wounded by rideballs by the strength of the fibrous shcatli which invests them, by the toughness and extensibility of their coats proper and by the readiness with which they Blip aside before the missile. The spinati, which are mostly concerned in this, are lodged in the fossse of the scapula, covering its whole external surface, and attached inferiorly to the tuberosities and ridge of the humerus, and to the capsular ligament of the shoulderjoint. Etiologic factors, bacteriologic findings, portals of legit entry, and complications differed little from other experiences with the disease. By the changes it effects in the cell elements, on its way, it seems to be storing up the material of future reaction. An annular stricture of the rectum may start from a very simple cause, but may be the cause of even total obstruction of the bowels. It was gratifying to see the immediate improvement in the condition of the patients, and most notable was the circumstance that where,, during the progress of an active suppuration, considerable quantities of sugar, up to ten per cent., had been observed in the urine, this proportion of sugar was either very much diminished operation. Early in my experience I learned that every mother, like every child, is a problem unto herself. The pulse was regular, temperature normal, pupils same, breathing full and regular, secretions healthy, and he seemed in full possession of all his faculties, as he was able to converse intelligently on all real topics introduced. This is addition of liquor potassse. The first vote passed was that the officers at this meeting should be Holyoke Esq:" was elected president," Doctr Isaac Rand jun!" secretary, and" Doct! Thomas Welsh," treasurer. Atropia dropped in the eye every two hours, until the pupil was much dilated.

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