The wall of the cavity affected is weakened at one spot by this conversion of its muscular fibre into white fibrous tissue, and dilates under the pressure of the blood into a sac. Andrewcs similarly found evidence of some antigenic variation within pure cultures of examples of the Salmonella or foodpoisoning group, and has submitted the matter to The latest contribution is by Dr. Either tho nucleus caudatus or the nucleus lontiformis of the corjjus striatum do not necessarily cause paralysis.

From a practical point of view, all we need to bear in mind is that people who handle hides ought to be especially careful of their skin, their hands and faces and necks, where they come in possible contact with hides.

Said the subject resolved itself largely into the considei fifty years appeared to bo a reduction in the frequency the severer manifestations.

It may not be noticed by the patient. In the dormant state, the vibrios are greatly reduced in size and can be cultivated only but viable" organisms has created bewilderment in some quarters, but now that the terms of reference have been established and reasonably defined, the concept has become a valuable and important contribution to our understanding of vibrio ecology. Aston has estimated, i)e sufficient to propel a big liner across the Atlantic and hack again at full speed. One of my patients who had these attacks would always notice that people near him suddenly began to grow very small and to A LAYMAN'S HANDBOOK OF MEDICINE make faces at him, and then the whole thing would stop and he would just be a little dazed, but might not know what he was doing for some hours after that. The general direction taken by the curves representing the total acidity, free hydrochloric acid, and total chlorides is fundamentally different in various pathological conditions of the stomach, as Bolton and Goodhart have shown. 'Walter Spill, of Pittsburgh, will not be able to practice for some time, due to the fact that he had three fingers burned when he put them into a crock of home-made wine by mistake."'Silent Osteopath,' shouted at a patient yesterday for not relaxing as she should. It has been ascertained also that where sheep have actually been starved to death before they have been discovered, extreme hunger had driven them to tear the wool from each others' backs, which only goes to prove the powerful influences of utter destitution on these meek and innocent creatures.

In the five years before the war the yearly entry averaged over who wish, to revive their general clinical knowledge after and affiirds ample facilities for post-graduates to see and college. Some of the local conditions have been already indicated. 'A DISTINGUISHED gynaecologist has recently deplored his inability to cure the troublesome incontinence of urine which sometimes follows childbirth, especially when instruinental delivery has been required.

An examination of the abdomen at this stage may, however, reveal a considerable enlargement of the liver, of which the patient is entirely ignorant. To him the monitors of the boys' side addressed a very proper and elegantly written letter, Flower Seeds which thou purposest to bring with thee wiU be very acceptable, and hope thou will find many Lads' Gardens in such Order, as will be deserving of so great a favour (fake). It would be interesting, if it were possible, to analyse the chief factors in forming that of Fothergill.

The disturbance of the functions of the thorax may at length be fatal. Compression of the bronchus is at first indicated by diminution of the respiratory murmur.

I am disposed to think that in each of the three cases the murmur was erroneously considered to be mitral; that it was a tricuspid regurgitant murmur. Watery; during the short intervals lolls, ))ants, and looks frightened.

He suggested that cottage hospitals might make provision for convalescent patients from the central institution, and he submitted for consideration the establishment of a consultation fund in connexion with Hospital Saturday Society or the friendly societies. If we suppose that this class will, in the long run, average one-third of the whole numl)er under care, I think that the maximum accommodations of the hospital will prove, in practice, to be one-sixth greater than what may be called its rated capacity, and that three hundred and fifty i)atieiitri will be treated very comfortably. Science endeavours to justify art, but does not add a tittle to the powers of art; she may prevent a wasteful expenditure of art's resources, but renders them not a whit more or less intrinsically valuable.

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