At present it is too complicated to be practical. The cardiac inhibitory action of the vagus is at first lessened, and finally is lost. REICHEBT, M.D, Professor of Physiology, For Catalogue and announcement containing particulara.

This formula, used by a Western packing company, has been submitted: usual amounts of saltpeter and granulated sugar. Samples will be sent prepaid, also pamphlet giving detailed description. In preparations stained with alkaline methylene blue no bacteria were detected. In the fowl examined which contracted the disease from natural sources the blood changes were exceedingly well marked. Organism elsewhere in the body. The onset of the typhoid arthritis is very insidious, the symptoms are sometimes so mild that the patient himself may not refer to them.

The symptoms, as -well as the mode of death, are much the same as in tetanus, but are more suddenly developed, more intermittent, and much more rapidly fatal.

Board of Registration for the Healing Arts. Weight; she was nauseated, in fifteen minutes she vomited, had spasms of the diaphragm; the bowels acted, mucus ran from the mouth; irregular; the animal lay qrdet, but did not sleep or show narcotism. The Chairman may be reelected to serve not more than four consecutive terms of one year each. I lave elder born of Rivers's last cases he has full case sheets. This change would be less perceptible were our young ladies equally as judicious with the Parisian ones, in adopting a simple style of adornment. Himpel, for courtesies rendered in making it possible for me to attend various lectures and clinics, not only in the Veterinary School, but in the University of Berlin as well. Before injections were made, however, the substance was warmed to near the body temperature. Ordinary stereograms have been throughout referred to as commercial stereograms merely as a convenient mode.of description; but a commercial stereogram in reality is not a photographic entity. In haemorrhage, tannic acid is combined with ergot and digitalis, and alternated with metallic salts or mineral acids. In rare cases, both the upper and lower canaliculi are slit, and the dividing tissue cut so as to produce an open cavity, which is kept open by packing. Under the title'' Special slaughter two for sheep. All the animals were taken off the pasture, treated with tannic acid and glycerine night and morning, and in a few days all had recovered.

And insist upon receiving the Hungarian Aperient Water of the Apollinaris The only Pepslne used in the Hospitals of Paris for the last Thirty Years. You have always provided me with advice and guidance yet have ncouraged me and trusted me to make my own decisions. Just how long the necessary procedure will take, I presume no one would care to predict, infected, or the danger to public health through the consumption of milk from tubercular cows in the meantime, or that during the awakening the result of post-mortem condemnations incident to the delay would amount to millions of dollars, as a tribute to the lack of initiative on the part of those upon whom the responsibility now rests. There is no third substance with which one or the other may unite. This does not seem to us to alter substantially the real nature BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL commercial houses pay large rents, not so much to enable them to be in a good position to call upon their customers, as to be readily accessible themselves to the demands of those who wish to deal with them. - every case zinc, tannin or alum is better, and then there is no fear of having insoluble deposits incorporating themselves with the exposed surface of corneal ulcers. - under the impression that a little gossip from the metropolis may not prove uninteresting to your readers, I will venture to touch, in a niore or less desultory manner, upon some matters of current professional interest here. Physicians will do well in recommending, as their European colleagues do, Van Houten's Cocoa for daily family use. There is no evidence of any damage to the lung.

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