Baby placed on belly, hips elevated, warm water is then to be poured into the rectum without using too much pressure, the water to be held in the bowel by pressure on the anus from without. Experiments in artificial tissue growth have shown that cell proliferation is retarded by hypertonic alkaline quite as well as by high acid solutions. While occasionally no therapeutic measure short of induced abortion (and sometimes unhappily not even that) will control this symptom, in most cases simple remedies will suffice to remove it or keep it within due bourds: it is often found that attention to diet and digestion is all that is necessary. Indoor man, contracted spasmodic asthma in the found that it gave positive relief. In place of definite nuclear change with age, we find a constant variation which tends to be rhythmic. He had seen this treatment adopted in about as many cases as were recorded in the paper before them, and with the same result.

They are not permitted to eat the flesh of tuberculous cattle and trichinous swine, while we are freely allowed to feast on those which have been condemned for their markets. By strict attention tlie situation of the external orifice may always be discovered, tliough it is sometimes extremely minute. It is therefore convenient in a consideration of the origin of red blood-corpuscles to divide the subject into two portions, the origin of red corpuscles in the embryo, and the origin during extrauterine life. PROFESSOR OF PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND HYGIENE, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, DIRECTOR OF HYGIENIC LABORATORY, UNITED STATES PUBLIC HfiXLTH SERVICE, universal infection of people is mentioned, weakened resistance, lack of proper food, exhaustion, bad air, influence of occupation, race, climate, age, predisposing diseases, and alcohol and tobacco are appraised and the following summary given: At an early age practi cally all people have become slightly infected with living tubercle bacilli. The breaking of a mercurial thermometer and the spilling of the mercury on the floor of a hot-house has often caused the death of a number of plants. "I may indeed venture to hope that such readers, if they follow me with no unkindly spirit through these pages, may find considerations of real weight and importance, which will solve imaginary difficulties and supply an answer"Iron, and its useful applications." (The chemistry of the subject not AUez, c'est se moquer.

Protein food leaves the stomach more slowly than do carbohydrates because proteins combine with free HCl, secondary digestion products develop, and if protein be fed in excess seemingly gastric motor activity is outweighed by the excess secretory activity demanded.

When the factors for correction in the case of the spinal cord are compared with the single factor for the brain, it is at once evident that those for the cord are much larger. I reduced it as in the other cases, the relief being instantaneous and perfect, except a slight soreness, that did not require anv after-treatment. When depressed, all his bodily functions, appetites, and propensities were torpid and sluggish.

Within the central canal it probably receives numerous additional components from scattered cells in the epithelium which lines Perhaps the most remarkable characteristic of the fiber is its extreme elasticity. In the volume under discussion there are articles on the gastro-intestinal tract, diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, sprue, etc. I began with it, and wished to keep to the one form of administration, that I might the better judge of results.

In the few cases subjected to our observation, in which the complaint has not yielded to cleanliness and the depletory treatment, we have succeeded by nsing the solution of sulphate of copper added to the mucilaginous injection, at first in the proportion of a grain to the ounce, and the strength gradually increased imtil the discharge was arrested. Thus, in hemiplegia, the muscles of one side having lost their contractility, those of the opposite side are no longer counterbalanced in their action, and they draw the parts to which they are inserted, out of their situation; and hence ANTAPHRODISIAC, and ANTIPHRODITIC. This is thoroughly up to date, and the details are so clearly laid down and so judiciously and fully illustrated, that the picture conveyed on perusal is accurate and withal simple. Three new remedies only have been offered with any claims to confidence. Certainly this system has the advantage of presenting a definite monograph by a specialist on each particular subject; but it would be extremely difiicult to say upon what subject in gynsecology or abdominal surgery Kelly and Xoble are not recognised experts.

And now in her father's house is one of the best libraries of any village in the state; and it is greatly appreciated by the people of the surrounding region as well as by the villagers.

The diseases which follow dysentery are, erysipelas, with enlargement of the parotid gland, chronic tenesmus, paralysis of the inferior extremities and bladder, ascites, induration or The prognosis depends on the more or less typhoid character: the more frequent, decomposed, and foetid the evacuations, the more distended and painful the abdomen, the more unfavourable is the prognosis. I have invariably used sheet lead from one-fiftieth to one-twenty-fifth of an inch thick. Specehens Illustr-wing Eesults apteb Excision op Joints, with Remabks on the Treatment of JointDiseases.

The nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract of the alligator, as the name is used in this paper, close relation with the nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract in the ventro-medial angle of the posterior half of the hemisphere is a nucleus to which the name of the ventro-medial nucleus projection tract of Cajal, and corresponds to the medial large ventro-lateral and ventral portions of this lateral wall are occupied farther cephalad by the cells of the tuberculum olfactorium been described previously. As thick as a quill, two or three inches long, abrupt, of a yellowish-brown colour furnished with radicles ratlier lighter coloured than the body of the root. The firmness and correct position of the external condyle are so highly important to the exercise of the proper functions of the foot, that much time siiould be allowed for the recovery of the ligaments before the patient is permitted to use any violent exertion with the foot. - it has certain advantages and certain disadvantages. The transition in this type is to the phosphatic. This elastic contractile cooperation from the arteries so necessary to the circulation during the heart's diastole can never be restored, so that the heart must bear an unfair burden in maintaining mass movement in the circulation. To many, mild cigars are not injurious, but strong tobacco completely unnerves them.

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