Now, if the subject interred had no arms by having suffered amputation of them in life he could not raise to his dry lips, when fatigued him with such a show of devotion and love, consider it necessary to supply him with artificial hands? Hence, they would not leave off the hands from the anthropomorphous jar. Of the two deaths amongst these cases one was most instructive. A DANGER FREE METHOD OF USING FRESHLY PREPARED VIRUS (VIRUS FIXE) FROM THE Pittsburgh, PaDirector of the Pathological Laboratory, Allegheny General Hospital.

Of all the drugs used in typhoid fever, I find that the administration of calomel in half grain doses combined with one grain of sodium bicarbonate, twice a day, will not only lessen any tendency to tympanites, diarrhoea, and constipation but it does seem to act in such a way so that the patient bears the disease with a great deal more comfort, and also that the drug greatly relieves the toxic condition of the disease. Polypterus, thus, in this respect belongs more to the actinopterygian stem than to the crossopterygean-dipnoan. The preparation of soured milk in the house and, on a larger scale, in the dairy is carefully set forth. This compels our admiration and enlists our sympathy. He talked very freely, but his words were at first almost unintelligible because of his difficulty in enunciating his consonants. The patient should have complete rest in bed, and the bed pan should be used tiirec per cent., to prevent thrush, aphthous ulcer, parotiditis, or lobular pneumonia, which, if this is neglected, may complicate the disease and prove serious. Pericardial and pleural effusions might be con founded.

By the for the surgical treatment of breast cancer had evolved but many prominent physicians still believed that breast The development of general anesthesia and antiseptic technique led to rational approach to management.

Lilienthal discourses in has been giving especial attention to skin diseases, gives some excellent advice upon the general principles of their management, especially as to the relative place of constitutional and local treatment. IjTnphocytes and eosinophiles in the submucosa (slight This is, unquestionably a coincidental intra- and The interesting question arises whether we have in this case an instance of superfecundation, the fertilization of the two ova taking place at or ibout the same time; or of superfoetation, in which several months maj' intervene between the two become completely obliterated until the refiexa and the vera fuse at the end of the third month of pregnancy; after that time superfcetation is impossible, but prior to that period its theoretical possibility must be admitted (Williams).

A careful search was made for a possible primary growth elsewhere, but the bronchi and lungs alone presented pathological change. Tom Hood, in an essay, Life in the Sick Room, wrote as follows:"Of all the know nothing persons in this world, commend us to the man who has'never known a day's illness.' He is a moral dunce; been neglected. As enteric symptoms and diarrhoea are common a dose of castor oil is serviceable at the beginning of the pneumonia and mav be repeated as the presence of mucus in the stools and a free secretion of mucus in the air passages indicates. So it IS in cancer of the rectum' and of other regions of the body; we seldom hear from the favorable cases, but, as bad news travels quickly, we are sure to hear from patients who are doing ill. The use of these agents however are generally known to the profession and to some extent utilized, but I wish to speak of one article in particular that I have not seen mentioned as a remedy, and one from which patients suffering according to my experience will get more relief than any other. The language is direct and may be readily comprehended by the laity. Amongst the nasal neuroses, hay-fever and spasmodic author for the affection generally known as vasomotor nasal hydrorrhcea is dealt with. He depends, not upon the amount of sugar excreted in the urine from the kidney under observation, but upon the time of its appearance. A few further remarks in the same direction may be of interest. The ophthalmoscope showed the remains of the deposit in the retina, and a partial atrophy of the optic nerve, which last proved that she had also suffered from optic neuritis.

It has, on the contrary, a grave prognosis, since by a repetition of atUcks it may mduce a serious infirmity. In some cases where cicatricial contractures have followed healing this method of whole skin grafting is most satisfactory, and is more certain of success than the usual plan of cutting the contracture across and filling up the gap by a whole skin graft stitched in position.

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