The inflammatory swelling subsides very quickly, and in eight or ten days even the largest furuncle is dispersed. There remain yet two other measures which must not be overlooked as valuable auxiliaries in the treatment of this affection.

The notion of a"secondary oxidation" suggested by Nasse and elaborated by Naunyn, and the much quoted phrase of Rosenfeld that"Fats burn only in the fire of carbohydrates" suggest some sort bodies which is normally produced in the course of metabolism in the cells reacts with a product of glucose (glycuronic acid) and that failing such synthesis, as in the absence of glucose, the acetone body would accumulate and be excreted. Another opportunity exists with a young, well-respected, three-person group with two modern, spacious practice locations. The terminal branches of the cut ympathetic evidently influence the muscles of the the head and face over a wide area.

Agglutination reactions of the patient''s serum Inasmuch as the isolation of dysentery bacilli from the stools requires considerable time as well as training, the agglutination reactions, which are positive after the sixth to the tenth day of the disease, are frequently used in the diagnosis of dysentery. If the endometrium is roughly scraped away and a chemical applied which is capable of destruction of tissue we will have death of that tissue and discharge of the sloughing dead parts, defeating the very object of the operation, viz. The seventeenth autumnal meeting of this Branch was held at the It was also decided that the autumnal meeting of the South Midland the presidency of Robert De'ath, Esq.

Partridge told the The meeting of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at Bradford last THE THAMES MYSTERY AND THE ASSOCIATION OF LUNATICS. In the above consideration of the combined effects of D and a, D is considered to be the mean difference between arterial and venous oxygen contents, as expressed by the bloods in the arteries and right affect the average unsaturation of the total blood, and C, only to the extent that they increase the reduced hemoglobin content of the combined venous bloods in the right heart. After describing the chemical nature of Mercurol he states that he found the weaker solutions had little effect and the stronger solutions were at first irritating. Whit Biore's belief that our milk was produced on a sewage-farm. He ignores its great achievement in procuring the Royal Sanitary Commission, and is quite unacquainted with the work now in hand. He assumed that only water can serve as a solvent for the sodium chloride; and the protein content, being greater in the blood than in the edematous fluid, less water would be available in the former for the solution of the salt; the concentration of sodium chloride would thus be greater in the ascitic fluid than in the blood serum. He found that while most of the dressings were aseptic, none of them exerted positive antiseptic powers. The constitutional diseases are thus apparently generated, developed, and sustained under the influence of an intrinsic blood poison, and the result of perversion of the nutritive or assimilative functions of the individual, and are frequently determined by congenital constitution or hereditary tendency. Then every ache or sense of distress, every eructation or heartburn invites the use of the tube. Only with reluctance was morphine administered in a dosage adequate to lessen his distress.

They were treated by the application of pure carbolic acid, followed by iodoform.

In giving the patient a list of two or three lodging-houses, I included one which, though excellent in itself, was recollected this immediately; but, expecting to see the patient next day, and having arranged not to operate for a day or two, I thought I should have an opportuAity of setting things right. She was industrious, of little intelligence, and sometimes appeared idiotic to such a degree that the children ran after her in the streets.

Subsequently Spiro showed that acids increase the swelling of proteins and in varied experiments M. S., Sutherland Gold Medalist; Robert Edward McKechnie, Winnipeg, Prizeman in the Rochester, N. Rooming In, as an elective choice during the lying in period, was instituted in bedside as much as desired during the lying-in period. Of pleurisy as due simply to exposure to cold, I believe it to be most exceptional, as rare as it is pleurisy, as in erysipelas, pneumonia and zoster, quite subordinate: the true etiological factor lies in a cause which was latent until the day when pleural eflfusion, and thus escaping recognition." He goes on to say, further:" Any patient with pleuritic effusion is tuberculous, let him be vigorous, young, robust, and fat as you please; let him declare himself otherwise perfectly well and quite free from hereditary or acquired predisposition, unless the pleurisy can be attributed to an infection, (scarlet fever, puerperal fever, etc.), a dyacrasia (rheumatism), or a trauma (fractured ri If this doctrine be true, all we can say is tuberculosis is recovered from more frequeni Disinfection OF Dwellings and of Inhabited Hospital Moabit, in Berlin, have made an investigation as to the relative value of various methods of disinfecting inhabited rooms, and have published the results in a paper in Virchotc's Archiv. But, perhaps, the coolest performance of Dr.

" Such facts as these give us an idea of the peculiar delicacy and complexity of the phenomena which we meet with in as if it were a stumbling-block in the path of science, instead of being, as it is, an essential fact, to be recognised and studied like any other. The limp in hip disease is due to the patient restraining the movement of the joint on account of pain, or l)ecause the joint is fixed by reflex contraction of the muscles.

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