Enlargement or protrusion of the mucous membrane of the lacrymal passages, giving occasion to fistula lacrymalis, the secretion becoming thick and muco-purulent in character; iSlcnnorrktra of the sac.

It is necessary to call into existence a mobile educational corps which can organize, supervise and direct a huge educational plan for the purpose of creating a new type of effective practical nurse who will be as superior to the old practical nurses as is the modern physician to his colleagues of two generations ago. In the South, where the winters are mild and the temperature more or less uniform, severe outbreaks of hog cholera may occur at any season Before the discovery of a preventive serum, the disease often swept through the countryside, causing devastating losses.

Moreover, the several species of strongyles which inhabit the large bowel tend to become localized in specific parts of this various migratory circuits within the host, whereas many are aberrant, or wandering, in their habits.

In medicine the greatest collection is in the Regimen of Health of the Schotd of Salemum, composed in the good sense is often inculcated, we frequently meet with the reverse. It is indispensable that they should be approached in a straight line, even to obtain a glance at them; and this must be done by stealth. It was believed to have the property of purging as often as it was swallowed. On this basis may be explained the psychic and somatic manifestations of the menopause. It serves as one of the obstacles in the path of extramatrimonial indulgence by the male. Tho Rulnalgla, rhin-al'je-ah (rain, algoi, pain).

This analysis led us to believe that microscopic examination of the stools did not give us a true index of the degree of symptoms and indicanuria in some, and relief in others, with the same change in the microscopic picture, could not be harmonized. Medicinal treatment is of little or no value, and when a radical operation cannot be undertaken, it is most economical to slaughter the affected animal as soon as possible after a diagnosis has been made. Again, the dog differs from the fox and hyaena in certain peculiarities in the form of the teeth; but his relationship to the wolf is so close, that many naturalists have regarded them as sprung from the same stock. Care should be taken to distribute the insecticide evenly over the entire surface of the head and body of the animal, particular attention being given to the inner surfaces of the ears and to the axillae. : Surgical Treatment of Allen, Carroll W., New Orleans, La. In the Levant there seems to be several breeds; and even history has given the spaniel celebrity for its fidelity, and the aflectionate disposition of which it is possessed. Something certainly should be done to remedy existing conditions and existing laws. He was given two complete series of treatments with the following results: Clinically the choreiform movements improved after the treatment was begun. The analysis a few hours afterward showed blood in the urine and an x-ray examination showed a renal calculus in the ureter about two inches below the right kidney which was removed later.

The most satisfactory treatment is to give iodine, usually in the form of of the tongue or pharynx, care must be used to see that none of the drug readies the Jungs, as this may cause pneumonia.

They should be taught to milk as fast as possible. Temporalis cuta'neus or nerve and one from otic ganglion; supplies tensor tympani muscle. A vicious pronunciation of the letter r, common in the northern parts of England; called Rota clam us, ro-tah-siz'mus. Snipes, like woodcocks, and many other wild birds, always fly against the wind; therefore, by keeping the wind at his back, the sportsman has this advantage of the bird when birds are scarcely good till November, when they get very fat. To so ridiculous an extent was this notion at one time carried, that the best pigs were passed by, at the Show of the Royal Agricultural Society of England, and the prizes given to those which were of the black breed; this being considered an indispensable qualification for a winner. Unfortunately through some error no Wassermann was done on the ophthalmologist reported the fundi as normal and noted the "" nystagmus. Industry to be built up in sections where cattle feeding for either dairy or beef purposes was not entirely successful because, of some rather obscure factors that limited the growth or production or affected the health of the animals. In an outbreak of suspected hemorrhagic septicemia, diagnosis, treatment, and methods of control should be left to an experienced In considering measures for the control and prevention of this disease, it is important to remember that hemorrhagic septicemia is the most serious of a group of cattle maladies that commonly result from mishandling, neglect, or exposure of animals in transit or shortly after their arrival at their destination.

In this last stage it is known as an oocyst. Those birds which have been reared under a common hen, soon manifest their disUke to restraint; gradually become wild, and eventually fly off altogether to enjoy their native freedom.

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