In this way many cases of affections of the skin, of the mucous membranes, of the muscles and organs of circulation, of the brain and spinal marrow, epilepsy and locomotor ataxy, on a syphilitic basis, are cured or benefited more or less permanently, or again it may be but transitorily, by treatment at spas; but generally not by mere spa treatment. The suppuration did not occur until some time after the operation, as such, had failed; it never was sufficient to cause any anxiety; neither was the joint ever involved in the suppuration; although freely opened at the operation it still has motion and presumably articular surfaces. The mother sees danger to the child when taking its first steps, if it approaches the hot stove or the stair, but she does not see so plainly many times the danger that may be lurking in the sick-room of a neighbor, or if seen, a fatalistic belief often relieves them of a sense of.responsibility. On account of this tumor the woman is losing each month a serious quantity of blood; now, if through an amputation of the cervix she be enabled to become addition to the sterilty being cured, the pregnancy will stop her menstruation, and thus for the time prevent the loss of blood, and probably, also during her lactation.

Average constantly under treatment, on these data it would take In considering the disinfection of excreta, some points must be kept in view. It is easy enough to saw off a leg. The most distressing and dangerous type of pyuria is that due to tuberculosis of the kidney. (Entered at the Post- Office at Charlotte, N. They are rarely found singly, but as zooglceic masses, the size of which vary from irjms much the appearance of some of the staphylococci of suppuration. The white corpuscles apparently equalled in number the red case with me, and together we made a careful examination of the blood. The numerous reported cases of antipyrine poisoning are doubtless due to personal idiosyncrasy, and in obstetrics, as elsewhere, this of course cannot be foreseen. The iron in the body of contained in the blood in the form of haemoglobin; the rest is combined with nucleo-albumins of the tissues. Throughout the operation hot, boiled water was in almost constant use for flushing the sac and also the general peritoneal cavity, for a small portion of the appendix was within the abscess, thus communicating with the general cavity. This fact makes the first decennial report of the Methodist Episcopal (Seney) Hospital interestingly first decade in the history of that disease.

My own opinions, based chiefly upon it are: get well quicker by persistent cleanliness with hot or cold water than by any other method of treatment.

These have been named" pseudo-diphtheria bacilli." The name pseudodiphtheria bacillus apparently includes several varieties and species, and must be used with caution.

A few days after this he directed attention to the condition of the axillae, groins, gluteal folds, and popliteal spaces, which, on examination, were found to be swollen, hard, and brawny. At the meeting of last year this Association had the benefit of a thorough critical paper on the various methods of radical cure of hernia, from Dr. Her pain on the right side continued. The rotary lateral curvature was well marked.