The name of the writer is not mentioned nor is anything known of the history of the MS., except that it once belonged to Dr. It is proper to state, as much misapprehension has existed on this point, that the report of our analysis was not sent to Mr.

But what I wish particularly to indicate is, that iie noticed no other effect produced. Few diseases, however, are as yet so subject to control by specific medication as to allow certainty in such expectations. But again I say, is this statement true? We aU believe it is terribly false, but we don't know it to be so.

The Urine, the fluid excreted by the kidneys, consists of water, but holding in solution a varying quantity of earthy salts and a peculiar nitrogenous substance known as urea, which if not carried out of the system acts as a blood poison. After about a year spent in practice and studying Gynecology in the University of Vienna. Observing the recent dates at which the teaching of the medical sciences became broken up and distributed among a number of professors, we see how the methods of demonstration and research which have arisen since the middle of the with. The record of this case is accompanied by a still more remarkable one by Dr. Whych I haue set out before this time, both in English and in Latin.

But this difficulty is not wholly real. The accompanying inflammatory action not only always glueing the gangrenous intestine to the sac's mouth, but very frequently to the sac itself; thus rendering the application of the taxis in both its modifications perfectly useless. Twenty healthy lunatics on admission were separated from the rest in two cottage blocks. Besides these I observed in the Mallory preparations dark violet or blue-stained granules in the cell protoplasm. To cure this infirmity the only treatment was to open the supplementary urethra and bladder, and excise them. Monomania and melancholia have been in a great number of instances through four or five generations. In the third case the whole eye has a myopic refraction, but the curvature of the cornea in one principal meridian is in excess, and consequently the myopia in that meridian increased.

Detached from the rear building are suitable rooms for Dissecting, PostMortem Work and Experimental Physiology and Surgery.


Indeed, throughout the and the section devoted to a detailed description of modem gynecic operations is without doubt the most clear and concise we have yet read. The range of subjects embraces practically every department of surgery. It had a powerful influence on the profession of the country. The alcohol is mostly dissipated by the heat of the oven, the remainder evaporating subsequently, and the carbonic acid gas, being retained by the tenacious gluten, puffs up or raises the dough.

The same must be true of a whole trade or state in proportion to the volume of its communications; and its communications will be mainly so now in rivalry between the white, the burden of free competition must eventually fall on labour and its rising standard of hving. It is not yet determined at what temperatures the bacilli are destroyed, relating to the prolonged use of meat from cattle affected with the pearly distemper, and sliows that after a period of years no disease of the nature of tuberculosis occurred among the one hundred and thirty individuals included in the families concerned.

At this time it appeared to have an unsteady motion on its legs. Absolute rest is of great importance. If any hemorrhage resulted from the incision of the chisel, which in every case extended from the median line to the left side, it was stopped with a swab of hot sterile water. The patient was a woman thirtynine years old, who had been for a long time under observation, and who was passing about four gallons of urine daily. Parry also observed that the occurrence of obstinate and profuse vomiting as the initial symptom was especially frequent in The physiognomy is carefully noted in one hundred and seventy of our records.

But the evil exists in every developing part of the empire; the pioneers of development are too busy to pay attention to such ulterior considerations; and the mischief is being prepared, like a conjuror's trick, while their attention is diverted. The delirium, as might have been anticipated, markedly resembles acute alcoholism; sometimes it has passed into mania transitoria. In the case offering the next lowest number, four sponge baths were bath having been employed five times, and agency in preventing permanently a rise of temperature, which would have occurred had cold not been employed? I think we may answer this question affirmatively; but much allowance is to be made for the differences to be observed in different cases of typhoid fever in the degree of fever-heat, irrespective of any treatment. The post-mortem examination showed that tlie hmgs contained a few tubercles at apices. The attack subsequently ran a mild but well-marked course. But a more definite policy with regard to the plague might with advantage have been adopted; it is one of many instances of British yielding to native feeling in the hope that, as has been said in another connection, we may muddle It is easy to multiply examples of this principle.

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